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Donald has been making comics for a few years. He is currently drawing comics for Marriage and Laughter. He enjoys sleeping, drawing, milkshakes and reading comics. His dreams involve fans, many of them adoring his work and maybe the occasional crumpled bills thrown at him.

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Donald Poquiz – 30 Characters in 30 Days

| December 3, 2013 | 0 Comments



The challenge has been fun and I had forgotten how grueling it can be to get a character out every day. Thanks to everyone who’ve shown some interest in some of these characters, some of them will be fleshed out some more in some future creations.

Thanks to Tyler for keeping this event going.


Here is the link to see all the characters I have created related to every year of my participation: My Characters

My current on-going comic project that posts weekly can be found at Marriage & Laughter, stop by and leave a comment.

#30 Missy Death

| November 30, 2013 | 0 Comments


#29 Hoogable

| November 29, 2013 | 0 Comments


#28 Dominique

| November 28, 2013 | 0 Comments


#27 The Tickler

| November 27, 2013 | 0 Comments


The Tickler is determined to put a smile on your face. When evil appears and sneers in the face of justice, The Tickler assesses the situation and chooses the right tools from his laughter belt. He’s going to take down his opponent with a good rolling on the floor laughing move.

When the bullets start flying, the Tickler’s big ol’ smile is going turn any frown/evilness upside down.

#26 Emotiguru

| November 27, 2013 | 0 Comments


#25 Dracon

| November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments


Draco is like a dog, loyal, obedient and loves games. His favorite game is fetch and all the variations with the game such as fetch the hero’s skull or fetch the entrails of the next passerby. Sometimes the unfortunate souls don’t even know they’ve wandered into Dracon’s play time area before it is too late. Once they’ve set foot in his vicinity they’re automatically agreed to play, the other unfortunate part is that the games never end until the traveler has expired…

His sharp claws allow him to open most armor and if it doesn’t rip open, they’re thin and long enough to dig into most openings in the armor. His dome cowl provides him with protection from mental and magical disruptions from playing the game he’s currently enjoying with his current playmate. The perfect playmate for anyone.

#24 Flyt

| November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments


There is nothing Flyt loves more than the giggle and laughter of babies. Like all fairies and fantasy creatures, this little feather creature brings joyous laughter into the world. He prances around floating from anything that has a tickle bone. For some strange reason, he also enjoys tickling beneath your nose like a scratch you can’t itch and eventually you just have to sneeze.

#23 Papa Norf

| November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments


Papa Norf is currently on vacation from his life as town’s sorcerer. He wants to catch some sun and lay out next to the beach. His stylish socks in sandals gives him away as quite the tourist, but his mage-staff clearly needs a more inconspicuous form. Although, the staff looks the part of a tiki torch.

#22 Old Man Tremble

| November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

A once peaceful and protectorate society, the Ranjorc Behemoths made up the various mountain ranges providing shelter to the creatures that were insignificant beneath them. After a few thousand years, Old Man Tremble is the last of his kind. His brethren destroyed by envious gods and sadistic warlocks. He has gone into a deep slumber to hide in plain sight and as you pass near him, the ground trembles slightly as he sleeps. No longer a protector and no longer wishing to be involved in the squabbles of men or gods alike.

#21 King Triglos

| November 26, 2013 | 0 Comments

To be a good ruler, you have to be able to do some things yourself. King Triglos, is trying to prove a point, but this walnut is proving to be his undoing. His trusted power drill arm should do the trick… sometimes you just need a nut.

#20 Bamtou

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments


Part Baboon, part crane and all party animal, Bamtou enjoys grooving it up. Unfortunately, she loves showing off those sweet moves where everything is flammable. The magic of the dance groove welling to come out also produces the flaming hairdo and fiery tail that Bamtou sports. She’s still young and the fire control still needs work, but once she’s matured a bit more she’ll be able to manage a better flaming hair and tail style that says classy with a little bit of spunk. She can’t help it if something catches on fire once in awhile…

#19 Djinn Conway

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments


A slave to no one, the once and powerful Djinn has begun establishing a new persona for himself. He happened to find the name Conway enjoyable to hear so he decided to name himself Conway. In a move to jump to the opposite extreme of no shirt every day for about forever… Conway has decided that a down feathered yellow jacket would be appropriate and the sleeves roll up when needed. Since acquiring his freedom, Conway has also acquired a fascination with pants. He loves them. He now walks and wears them everywhere. His magical powers afford him the luxury of having people not make fun of him and his unfortunate taste in clothing. Otherwise, he’s still quite powerful without a master to serve.

#18 Rupez The Doctor

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments


Rupez, does not like wearing pants. He’s “The Doctor” because no one else can stand to wear the smelly mask and he doesn’t consider himself to be a witch. Fortunately for Rupez, the mask does give him some magical power like creating fire for those long lonely nights. Since he has no actual instruction manual on what magic he can actually produce, he is constantly trying different poses and chants that DO make him appear crazy and sometimes can or won’t produce an actual spell.

#17 Rywn Forest Guard

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments


Rywn has one of the hardest jobs in the Elven Forest Corp, do not let the forest catch on fire. Trees and plants just suddenly ignite when they’re depressed so it’s Rywn’s primary task to keep the trees and plants happy. Sometimes he has to sing songs or dance a funny jig. For some reason, one of the favorites are when he spins like a ballerina spinning as fast as he can, unfortunately the enjoyable part for the plants is when Rywn throws up. Plants are just cruel…

#16 Sargeant Pulley

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments


Sargeant Pulley, takes no crap from no one, except his mom. That’s why the only tattoo he’s got is the Heart Tattoo with an arrow through it and the word MOM in the middle. You have to respect a guy who loves his mom, right? He’s also a sargeant, but that doesn’t let stop him from calling home and letting his mom he’s keeping the other boys in line.

#15 Weldric “Warlock”

| November 19, 2013 | 2 Comments


Weldric wishes he got into accounting, he loves number crunching. Unfortunately, he’s cursed with the soul of a demon residing in his heart forcing him to do bad things like light skulls on fire, green fire.The worst kind of fire… it just isn’t natural.

#14 Muerto Pino

| November 19, 2013 | 0 Comments


The Stork brings new life (babies) while the Pino brings death. His favorite color is, surprisingly, pink.

#13 Molten Archon

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments


The fun loving Molten Archon, just wants to frolic amongst the pressurized gas fissures and lava lakes drinking lava and just taking in the carbon monoxide, methane and all sorts of poisonous gasses for humans. Unfortunately, “heroes” think he’s protecting some sort of treasure with his bulky weight and impenetrable skin. Unlike actual monsters, the Molten Archon isn’t attacking these transgressors, but thinks they’re actually playing a game with him. The Molten Archon enjoys the game until his playmates break…

#12 Princess Alexi

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments


Princess Alexi, is NOT a real blonde, she just dyes it that way. She’s also a kleptomaniac, all her accessories are someone else’s property. The only truthful thing about her, is that she’s a girl. A girl that loves taking your stuff, but it’s not her fault, its a condition. I guess really doesn’t “love” taking your stuff because she just doesn’t know she’s taking it. She enjoys titles, it doesn’t matter what title it is, if you’ve got a title just sitting on your desk, she’s going to take it and use it. The princess title was tacked on to the ladies restroom door of a nice English name pub.
This little fraud also loves long strolls around buildings and looking for the perfect exit strategy, chocolate and the occasional foot massage.

#11 Captain Action

| November 12, 2013 | 2 Comments


Captain Action is the ultimate super soldier on land and in space, but his only flaw is his inability to swim. The floaties keep Captain Action afloat when it is necessary for him to traverse a body of water, but he definitely does not enjoy it. His light bulb gun shines the danger away and pretty much saves the day for everyone.

#10 Riley “Gears” Melian

| November 12, 2013 | 0 Comments


#9 The KOALA

| November 9, 2013 | 0 Comments



In a freak accident involving a SOBER savage Koala and a mystical Bruja witch, Alec Casava (yes like the cake, but not as squishy) became cursed and the tattoo of a gentle koala on his chest brings out his super Luchadore powers, but only when he is sober. When he is drunk, he becomes soft and cuddly and huggable… Unfortunately ( or is it fortunately? ) because of his size and genetic makeup is 99.999999%(the 9’s keep going) incapable of getting so drunk to be weakened into a cuddly huggable guy. He also makes a delicious casava cake. WHY?! because people always ask “Hey Alec, can you make a casava cake?” and then they laugh as if they’re super smart for being the first person to come up with that joke. JOKES on them, Alec CAN make casava cake.  And he feeds it to them with a dash of eucalyptus leaves.

Favorite Move: The Koala Shuffle (hugs opponent around the waist while shifting from the torso down to the legs like a koala moves down a branch)

Signature Move: The KOALA (hugs opponent until he or the opponent falls asleep and continues to hold without losing grip)


#8 Tickink Crustacean

| November 8, 2013 | 0 Comments



The coastal village presents an annual offering of food and gold to the God of the Ocean. The offering is to the keep ocean calm and filled with fish to feed the village. Lest the God of the Ocean be displeased and sends his creature to punish the villagers way of life. The creature’s body is encased in a hard outer shell covered in spines all over and it has four large tentacles that are used to squeeze or grip anything while the four smaller tentacles grip the poor soul or delicious creatures of the ocean to push it into the gaping hole filled with razor sharp teeth that is its mouth. The Tickink is a red orange color which makes it easily identifiable in the dark water it creates by shooting spurts of ink to cloud its current position. It is about 50 meters wide with the large tentacles stretching another 75 meters with a 5 meter circumference from the tip and expanding to a 12 meter circumference at the widest point.  This creature easily ruins any fisherman’s day and the annual tributes are not forgotten so easily anymore.

#7 Gargoyle Madre

| November 7, 2013 | 0 Comments



The gods found the woman prideful and after boasting of her beauty rivaling the gods’, they punished the woman. They stripped her of her beauty and when her children came to visit her, they found this horrific figure. They immediately tried to kill the monster that had invaded their mother’s home. She tried to speak, but unfortunately her new form also prevented her from speaking in a language her children could understand. As she pushed her sons aside to escape her sons’ attacks, her monstrous strength slammed them thru the walls killing them instantly. As she cradled her lifeless sons’ bodies the other villagers came to find the monster and what she had done and chased her from the village. She now visits varying villages stealing children as her own, but as soon as they are at an age that recognize her form as an evil form she eats their hearts to fill her black heart.

#6 Detective Cristo

| November 6, 2013 | 0 Comments


#5 Eggplantine

| November 5, 2013 | 0 Comments


#4 Righteous Killer

| November 4, 2013 | 0 Comments


#3 Cora “Tough Girl”

| November 4, 2013 | 0 Comments


#2 Science Officer Targus

| November 4, 2013 | 2 Comments


#1 Gordon Fisher

| November 4, 2013 | 0 Comments