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Day 26: Ironwood Warrior

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A piece for my Brood of the Ironwood Pocket-Tactics set.

lezard boy

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Day 10: Bondi Swordsman

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Bondi SwordsmanTaking a short break from the Demonstar characters to design some vikings for an upcoming game module using the same core rules.


Day 8: Shambling Fiend

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Shambling FiendA playing piece for my WIP, 3d print-and-play board game, Demonstar.

Day 7: Skittering Fiend

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Skittering FiendMonster playing piece for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game, Demonstar.

Day 4 – The Texas Twister

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Day 4 - Texas Twister FINAL

One thing I do not miss about Texas – having recently moved back to New Mexico where I grew up – is the annual threat of tornadoes. The tornado is like a villain from an Old West saga:  you know it’s coming, it’s going to be devastating and your best bet is to hide no matter how brave and invulnerable you think you are. I’ve had plenty of close calls with real tornadoes (one almost took the roof off of my house) and this past year has been another test from a tornado of health problems for me. So, I think of this exercise as something of an exorcism:  “just keep on moving and leave me alone, you’ve done enough damage already.” Sometimes all you can do is pick up the broken pieces, rebuild and move on.

Day 4: Lopeing Fiend

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Loping FiendA monster piece for my WIP, 3d-print-and-play board game, Demonstar. Once all of these guys (and the tiles, counters, etc) are finished, you’ll be able to download the rules and parts for free on thingiverse.com.


#4 Daily Hate

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A national newspaper editor who hates all about him – immigrants, the government, the opposition, women, men – anyone who gets on his wrong side. So right wing that even the most extreme groups say ‘steady on’ He gets the sales and the hits for not giving a damn about ‘ethics’

#5 – Elias Winston – The Futurist

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05 TimeTravellerb

Elias Winston is a man from the year 2103 who has returned to the present to instill his values on the present to hasted the creation of the world he lives in.  It just so happens that he isn’t the only one who that sentence applies to.  Time Travel is a bit of a strange thing, yet compared to inter dimensional travel it is very easy, however because various futures can come about from one present, you can end up with a case like that of the two Elias Winstons.  They both traveled back in time to our present, which is a past they share.

Elias Winston (aka The Futurist) is the World Leader of Future Timeline designate BZ2-0002346-2103, commonly referred to as “The Age of MegaCorps” – in this timeline Starlin-style hyper-Communism was rampant leading to massive oppression of the people when Elias Winston was born.  There is some suggestion that his bloodline may have something to do with the Order of Solomon (see Samuel Bonaparte Khan) but most believe he was purely just a perfect storm of genetics and upbringing that made him an unparalleled talent in technology, leadership and genetics.  After a starting and winning a revolution over 16 years, he decided to travel back into the past to instill his perfect world order back when the beginnings of the Communes were taking route.  Fortunately despite his prodigious talents have been held back by another time traveler: The Revolutionist – Elias Winston, the World Leader of Timeline AF6-0093925-2103, whose own desire to travel to the past and change the past to match his Commune based World directly opposes the future of the Futurist, and thus fortunately, the great fighters of the world have not had to deal with his full intellect…

The Futurist is an expert in power armour, advanced energy sources and weapons, military tactics and corporate dealings.  He quickly established a power-base in countries with a more lax approach to being invested in by Time-travelling Despots and is believed to be behind various Technology companies off the books.  He has also amassed a substantial private military, but due to various setbacks caused by attacks by the Revolutionist, he has only been able to use it fairly sparingly.

#2 – Leg-Day

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Another villain – sentenced to 10 years in jail after being out-muscled by a cop during an armed robbery, he decided to spend the time getting bigger!

He spent the first five years working on his top half, but then was released on good behavior (he spent all his time in the gym!) – which caused him to miss out on five years work on his legs! – Hence, some excellent upper body strength, but skinny, weak legs!

Challenge Day #1: Headhuntress: Fiora

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Headhunter Fiora

A succubus from the depths of Abaddon. On the hunt for blood, and a fascination with skulls, she uses a compulsion spell to seduce and lure her prey to their deaths. Thus, stripping them of everything that gives them life, draining every last drop of blood and removing the head from the body.

#1 – Fzzzzt!

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A super villain with electrical powers. Pretty much standard fare – named after the noises he makes, he lacks originality!

#20: Lockjaw

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Lockjaw is a local enforcer that does it old school with a baseball bat. The locals gave him that nickname because of his tendency to scream at his victims through clenched teeth as he beat them to a pulp.

11/28/2012: Lumpy Holger, Mutant Bounty Hunter

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NAME: Lumpy Holger  SPECIES: Human (Mutated)  ORIGIN: Tunnelworld

Hailing from the surface wastes of Eden Prime (known colloquially as “Tunnelworld”), Lumpy suffers from a degenerative disease, a result of his prolonged exposure to the engineered mutagens plaguing his home environment. With little time left on the clock before he expires, Lumpy has come to nexus city seeking one last bounty.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending)


#17: The Queen

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The self proclaimed “Queen of Crime”, formerly known as Phillipe Caufield has always lived by his wits. For several years he was the boy-toy of a powerful Greek smuggler, until the fateful day his sugar daddy tried to have him killed. After surviving the attempted assassination, he managed to hack into his ex-lover’s swiss bank account and hire his own band of thugs to blow up Daddy’s yacht. With unlimited resources and a band of mercenaries at his disposal he decides to relocate to Alternative City where became the arch enemy of Otis Wonder.

11/25/2012: Delves-in-Shadows, Kainan Warlock

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NAME: Delves-in-Shadows  SPECIES: Kainan  ORIGIN: The World Strider

Delves-In-Shadows is one of the final twelve specimens of the mysterious, sorcererous species known as the Kainan. Watching from their spire-city on the back of the World Strider, the Kainan travel from world to world, devouring the life force of sapient beings and absorbing the secrets left seeping from their broken minds. Ever perfecting their black arts, the Kainan are unable to cast spells of the White Circle, suffering a near-debilitating fear of such magic.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#24 – Blowout (Kyle Murray)

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Kyle should not be a criminal, a fugitive, and a killer. He was a reasonable, if unremarkable student from a small, pleasant city, and if he’d applied himself in community college, could’ve gone on to higher education. He was a talented writer, and had even shown some aptitude as a long-distance runner.

Kyle was also, however, petty, vindictive, greedy and callous, always obsessed with showing his “dominance”. Over rivals, over law enforcement, over anyone who thought they had something to hold over him.

Kyle’s alleged toughness is thin, and entirely based upon his powers. Kyle discovered early in his life that he could create small little balls of energy that, when thrown, would explode. What began when he was a child as something only slightly more powerful than a small cherry bomb now can detonate with the strength of TNT, and Kyle is only learning more about his capability. He uses it, and the threat of it to lord himself over the people he surrounds himself with. He entertains himself with the fear of his victims.

Kyle has become increasingly erratic in recent years, as he has been diagnosed with a degenerative nerve disease that causes him increasing pain. As such, Kyle has become dependent on opiods to operate on a day-to-day basis, and regularly abuses the drugs. This is problematic for Kyle, as he has made a fair amount of money in recent years stealing prescription drugs for sale on the black market, only to end up using much of his ill-gotten gain.

#22 – Black Betty (Beth Black)

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Most good criminals work to avoid violence. They understand that, once enough bodies pile up, no matter whose they are, law enforcement is essentially forced to investigate the matter and look into who or what is creating such a glut of cadavers.

Beth Black is not one of those people.

Too chaotic, unorganized and untrustworthy to be an assassin of the highest order, Beth Black is the kind of woman who believes that, if you’re going to kill someone, you should send a message in the process. None of Beth’s kills can be described as much less than “spectacular” or alternatively, “grisly”. Beth is the kind of woman who will leave her target hanging from a hook, wearing a Colombian Necktie when a simple bullet would do.

A firm proponent of psychological warfare as much as her own deadly prowess, Bethis not simply a ruffian from the wrong side of the tracks. She was the valedictorian of her class in New Orleans, before leaving on a scholarship for Louisiana State University. Always combative, manipulative and disruptive, Beth dropped out of college in her sophomore year when she decided she found the curriculum disinteresting and worthless. Beth floated around the Gulf Coast for two years, working as a bartender, an exotic dancer and dealing drugs in her free time before falling afoul of a local street gang. When the leader beat and attempted to rape her, she disemboweled and beheaded him,

Beth found the experience so liberating, so fulfilling, she decided to make a career of it. She is, arguably, a sadist, and slowly discovered that that fact was no accident, that she was not “normal”, and that she gained power, and ability through inflicting pain and suffering on others. Beth has been met by other heroes before, never to good ends, and most agree, her power resides in her ability to cause people physical pain, and to feed on that. She has a pathological desire to see anyone she has focused her gaze upon bleed.

Beth a highly intelligent woman who loves inverting expectations of her. She prefers any number of bladed weapons, and believes herself to be the walking incarnation of what a woman should be, playing by her own rules and forcing men to play by hers. She considers her “work” something of a ongoing class in modern anthropology, on how society deals with violence, and how a woman committing that violence destroys expectations.

An immensely versatile criminal, Beth’s biggest failing is her predilection for violence. It is exceedingly difficult for her to simply commit a crime without harming anyone. However, she has proved an adept thief and a fine liar. Promiscuous, careless about others, she was wormed her way into the lives of others, causing pain and havoc just to see how they would react.

#19-The Black Olive

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The Black Olive

11/18/2012: Specimen 16, Olimyoo Legionnaire

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NAME: Specimen 16  SPECIES: Olimyoo  ORIGIN: Pakinare

A member of the infamous “Centurion” program, Specimen 16 has sown destruction throughout the Multiverse in the name of the Children of Tartarus. Plucked from his peaceful home world as a youth, his great size and strength catching the interest of a Tartaran overlord, Specimen 16 took to the indoctrination quickly, his will broken and body transformed into a nigh-unstoppable war machine. Over the years, as his body became damaged, the Tartarans saw to its reconstruction. When the Tartaran Empire fell, with no master to control him, Specimen 16 went ronin. Though his skills of death-dealing are now for hire, he holds tightly to his final orders, vowing some day to murder the Lost Agency and their allies in the name of Tartarus.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3D print pending….)


11/17/2012: Blisterbelch, Troll Tyrant

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NAME: Blisterbelch  SPECIES: Mountain Troll  ORIGIN: Jotunheim

Considered small by Jotun standards, in the mountains of Jotunheim, Blisterbelch was a hermit and a scavenger, living off of the spoils of his greater brethren, mountain goats, or the occasional Midgardian foolish enough to climb the path into the land of the giants. After the Red King crisis, Blisterbelch fled the Techno-Sovereignty, taking refuge in Nexus City. There, he found himself to be a true giant, his tall stature, vast strength and fiery breath causing all in his path to tremble with fear. After several travelers found their way into his belly, Circle Securities apprehended Blisterbelch, banishing him to Dark 22, a secret Circle-Tech sponsored prison colony on a Terran compatible world cast in eternal night. There, Blisterbelch quickly rose to power, the other inmates treating him like a king. Those few who don’t end up in his stomach, their bones littering the floor around his “Throne of Skulls.”

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


The Squid 6/30

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11/14/2012: Dragos, Vampire Prowler

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NAME: Dragos  SPECIES: Human (Vampiric)  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once a doctor for the criminal underground of Nexus City, Orban Victore fell victim to a creature of the night. Now, as Dragos, he stalks where the light of the Star-Core cannot reach, falling upon lonely travelers who tread too deeply into the shadowy depths of the Undercity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending…)


Character #10: Dr. Torkamada

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Dr. Torkamada

11/12/2012: Jedel Parghoga, Zyntradi Gunslinger

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NAME: Jedel Parghoga  SPECIES:  Zyntradi  ORIGIN: Zyntradi Commonwealth

A renowned sharpshooter and notorious psychopath, Jedel’s guns are for hire to anyone with enough credits and moral lenience to meet their price. Little is known of Jedel’s past, though one can often tell where Jedel has been based on the “splatter art” left behind. Jedel considers itself a true artist, canvassing the walls with the its opponents’ ichors.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD, 3d printed on a Makerbot Replicator and hand-painted with water-based acrylics.


#7 – Pseudo (Aleksandar Milanov)

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A con-man and liar of virtuoso ability, and a veritable computer genius, there isn’t a system Milanov can’t hack, or a secret he can’t find out. Selling his services to the highest bidder around the globe, he’s worked for people all around the planet. What truly makes him dangerous is that his ability as a hacker is something he worked for, a natural gift, but human. However, Milanov was also born with the ability to control the emotions of others through the use of pheromones. Over the course of time, he has become incredibly skilled at this ability.

With his skills, and a network of like-minded hackers essentially at his beck and call, Imperial lives a life of luxury, and carries himself with a refined sense of arrogance. He sees himself above average people, and sees the world as a series of secrets to unlock or exploit. To Milanov, every day people lie, and behind each of those lies is a secret. Whether that lie is lifts in your shoes or a password to your bank account, every secret is a lie waiting to be discovered.

Milanov prides himself on being one-step ahead of everyone else. Even in conflict, he will glide from point to point, seemingly acting as if he is “above” the fray until opting to strike, usually in a devastating fashion.

Milanov is largely amoral. He has a service to provide, and it is not his job to worry or consider the morals of his employer. If what they are asking him to do is wrong, it will get back to them eventually, and if not they’ll be fine. As long as he gets paid.

Milanov’s ultimate goal is to no longer need to take jobs, but to carve out a niche for himself as his own entity, independent from all nations, his own fiefdom. He is very nearly there.

Tall, always his looks are very genteel, his face is defined by a slim, slightly bent nose, grey eyes and a widow’s peak at the front of his closely-cropped hair. He never appears to completely shave, always showing up with a 5 o’clock shadow.

Day 7: Dr. Bop

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A former professional wrestler that was banned from the sport for not sticking to the script and at times pummeling his opponent to a pulp. Bop was last seen in a cameo working as a bouncer at Club Alternative (see Alternative City #0 ). In the future expect to see the 400 pound man-child in upcoming issues of Otis Wonder Investigations. It is Dr. Bop’s face that I use on the AC comics logo just because he’s such a handsome fella.

#6 – The Undead King

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11/05/2012: BAD-533D, Servitor Convict

| November 5, 2012 | 2 Comments

NAME: BAD-533D  SPECIES: Servitor  ORIGIN: Nexus City

Once an independent guide for prospectors surveying the Salt Cliffs of Naraka, BAD-533D fell in with a bad crowd during his off-hours in the Nexus City services district. After an incompetent breaking-and-entering spree, BAD-533D was apprehended by Circle Securities and, in accordance with Servitor law, was reprogrammed to inhibit his capacity for free will. Now, BAD-533D fulfills his guide duties at the behest of a wealthy outfitter and has yet to relapse into his larcenous ways.

Model designed in TinkerCAD. 3D printed on my Makerbot Replicator and hand painted with water-based acrylics.


11/3/2012: Mother Myshe, Human Priestess of Arac

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NAME: Mysh Ki Tarako  ORIGIN: Noctis Secunia  OCCUPATION: Priestess

Followers of Arac, the god of night-flying hunters, are some of the most feared assassins in the known Multiverse. Among their shadowy ranks, Mother Myshe is a legend. A ruthless killer blindly faithful to Arac’s dogma, Myshe’s services go to the highest bidder, provided they’re willing to pay her patron’s dark price. From Nexus City, Myshe curates her master’s hidden temple, sending initiates into the trans-universal webway to fulfill the macabre wishes of her clientele.

Model designed in TinkerCAD and Sculptris (3D print pending…)