#16 – The High Matriach

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The High Matriach is in the unique position to be simultaneously the most feared, but most necessary mortal in this Galaxy.  Mortal may be stretching it a bit admittedly, she has a prospective lifespan consisting of most of the rest of the duration of the Universe, and due to the prophecy-curses of her species  is unavailable but by another member of her kind, of which there are very few.  She is cruel, callous and controls the largest army in the Galaxy.  However, this army is also the only thing stopping the things outside our Galaxy getting in…

While most earth literature focuses on the idea of Earth begin invaded or destroyed, the challenge for the Matriach is that might happen to our Galaxy.  When a Universe dies, not all that was born of it necessarily dies too, and therefore are ancient even as our own Universe forms around us, and long to colonize the new Solar Systems as their own and recreate their worlds.  Most of the time they succeed.  Currently the Matriach fights a war on 3 fronts – against the titanic armoured Ur-Gods of Xzar, the endlessly replicating Vordanian Null-men and the hordes infected by the evil Sentient PX3k12 Virus.  The Matriach may burn worlds, knowingly send a trillion to their death in an unwinnable battle and break apart the very fabric of the universe itself for a victory…  but the alternatives are worse….

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