2011 Challenger: Patrick Smith

| October 28, 2011 | 0 Comments

Greetings from the apocalyptic wasteland of New Jersey! My name is Patrick Smith and this is my first year tackling the 30 Character Challenge. I’m coming at this as a writer so I’m really going to try and come at each character in interesting ways to make your reading experience more enjoyable. Although if the mood takes me I might bust out the old sketchbook. Pray that doesn’t happen…trust me.

I am a staff writer over at Guerrilla Geek and I hope that working on characters here will be the push I need to get back into creative writing.  I’m also on the twitter @Pathasabeard where I write regurgitated movie Quotes and the occasional snarky comment.

I’m very much looking forward to pushing myself creatively and seeing what everyone else brings to the table. I hope that at the end of this to make some cool new friends and maybe some future collaborators!


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Patrick Smith sends out dispatches from the apocalyptic wasteland of New Jersey. He has survived this long thanks to a steady diet of comic books, genre movies, and a stack of stand up comedy albums. He is a regular contributor to Guerrilla Geek and you can follow him on Twitter @Pathasabeard if you like reading regurgitated movie quotes and the occasional snarky comment.

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