2011 Challenger: Carolyn Gabriel

| October 31, 2011 | 1 Comment

Greetings, fair sirs and madams! How farest thou on this fine Hallow’s Eve?

Terribly butchered olde English aside, I’m a writer/dreamer who comes up with a character in less time than it takes me to pay my mortgage each month. I don’t have time for NaNo this year (let’s not get into my massive obligations over the next few weeks), but I absolutely love making new characters. I look forward to making (a bare minimum of) 30 of them this November, and assailing all you wonderful viewers with an assortment of crudely-drawn illustrations to go along with them. I’m no Frank Miller, but I do like drawing ponies!*

*Okay, I promise, no ponies.**

**That promise may be a lie.***

***Totally a lie.

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  1. Nycteris says:

    I too admit to Bronyism.
    But I also promise no ponies in this 30 Character challenge.
    Love the Vash-ness!

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