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Day 26: Ironwood Warrior

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A piece for my Brood of the Ironwood Pocket-Tactics set.

Day 12: Manny the Magic Monkey

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#12 Manny the Magic Monkey
Someone please tell me how to draw fur lol… Anyways, I’m behind a day. I’ll catch up! I have to.

11/30/2012: Malithraxus, Void Dragon

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NAME: Malithraxus  SPECIES: Dragon (Observer-Spawn) ORIGIN: ???

Spawned in the cosmic winds and seeded with an intelligence from beyond the Bulk, the cosmic dragon, Malithraxus was born to raze the pillars of reality and birth new life into its smoldering foundation. A being of pure magic, it soars aloft on vast, membranous wings, dripping with the scintillating colors of creation. Its claws and fangs rend through flesh and starship hulls with equal ease, casting those within screaming silently into the void. Its breath is the fire of chaos, giving new form to all that it touches. It is the harbinger of violent change. It has hears the voices of Nexus City, crying for a savior to release them from their prisons of biological and mechanical conformity.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


11/25/2012: Delves-in-Shadows, Kainan Warlock

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NAME: Delves-in-Shadows  SPECIES: Kainan  ORIGIN: The World Strider

Delves-In-Shadows is one of the final twelve specimens of the mysterious, sorcererous species known as the Kainan. Watching from their spire-city on the back of the World Strider, the Kainan travel from world to world, devouring the life force of sapient beings and absorbing the secrets left seeping from their broken minds. Ever perfecting their black arts, the Kainan are unable to cast spells of the White Circle, suffering a near-debilitating fear of such magic.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


Day Ten: Mystic Oats

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A hairy hipster with magic in his hips and cosmic weight on his shoulders, blessed with phantasmagorical finger powers and cursed with sweaty socks — unwashed for going on three days now.

#12 – King Lonesome

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Aside from playin blues that would break the heart of the devil himself, and preaching a mighty fine, if not quite theologically proper, sermon from time to time, he’s a rambling hoodoo man of sorts, with a habit of hunting down “the things that cause them cries of woe, them unseen things that just shouldn’t be so”.

But he rebuffs anyone’s attempt to deter him from this path, or who would make him a professional and tie him to the treasures of this world. “Don’t you worry ’bout ol’ King Lonesome. I’m bound to wander these four corners of the earth ’til I meet that Man of Sorrows, and either I strikes him or he strikes me.”

Til then, he’s got his guitar, The Psalmist, and his song, “Justine”, in which is encoded the essence of his wife and true love, a former voodoo queen of New Orleans. The Psalmist was taken apart and rebuilt during a ritual that involved lining it with the pages of the bible, specifically Ephesians 6:10-18 dealing with the armor of God, and of course, a full complement of Psalms. There’s only one known recording of King Lonesome singing “Justine” — sold only at B.T. Dubs’ Incidentals and Curiousities– but once you hear Lonesome sing her to life, she’ll be in your heart forever.

Day Eight: Rum-Ram Bloodstold

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Tired old man, tired old Bloodstold, in his throne of imitation leather and sipping a glass of tonic and lemon because he’s all out of gin. His runes are all cast, his deceitfully youthful body ached more and more as the nights when he can get a rise out of his magiks became increasingly few and depressingly mundane.  Rum-Ram Bloodstold, the last of his kind in this world to not have given up and departed for the old soul’s dimension, took another sip of his tart drink and fondled thoughts of when the tarts he had at night weren’t just the liquid or pastry variety.
One more sip, Rum-Ram decided, one more sip and then a slip — into sober sleep.

#11 – Kid Mystic

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Benjamin Bowman discovered he had superpowers at the age of 12, and his entire life since has revolved around that. Benjamin suddenly went from a unknown face in the crowd, to one of the faces at the vanguard of a new generation of heroes.

Blessed with an immense capability for magic and magical affinity, Benjamin is discovering the potential of his powers, including some reality-warping abilities that he has only just begun to scratch the surface of.

The son of a single mother, when Benjamin discovered his abilities, he immediately threw himself into learning and honing them. Benjamin understood, even at a young age that the moment his abilities manifested that his life was never going to be the same, and that his abilities potentially represented a ticket for him and his family out of a dangerous neighborhood and into a safer, more stable life. Benjamin deeply wanted to provide for his mother, who had raised two children by herself, and understood the power of a superhero to be a symbol and a protector, and believed that he could affect actual, serious change.

While not loud or brash, since discovering his abilities Benjamin has carried himself with a quiet confidence. Compassionate and kind, Benjamin is still a 17-year-old who has been living with his increasing fame for five years now, and, all things considered, doing a reasonably fair job of staying something close to grounded. He is not above being petty or cruel (he is still a teenager), and has used, and in some cases abused his newfound status and influence to gain favors and gifts (he hasn’t paid for a pair of shoes in three years, and Benjamin is a real Sneakerhead). Benjamin is also quite fond of the opposite sex, and hasn’t wanted for female attention in years. His views of women and their place in society can be… slightly more regressive than what some might want from a paragon of the community.

Benjamin is on a lot of radars. Many hero groups from around the nation have been in contact with him and his family, offering him the chance, when he turns eighteen, to become a full-fledged professional, to get the best training with the best heroes who can prepare him for the rigors of the job from a personal and from a professional standpoint. He hasn’t made any decisions yet though.
Benjamin cuts an exceedingly un-threatening figure normally, standing just under six feet tall, with a frame that can kindly be referred to as “rangy”. His most distinguishing feature, however, is the large scar running along his left arm, from near his elbow down to his hand, the result of an accident where he was scalded with boiling water as a child. He doesn’t make any attempt to hide the scar, considering it a reminder of where he came from, as his future opens to him.

11/10/11: “Iron” Jack Savage, Pookah Soldier

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NAME: Jack Savage  SPECIES: Rabbit Pookah  ORIGIN: The Seelie Realm

After losing his arm to a dire wolf in the great war against the Unseelie kin, Jack was bestowed a metal of honor by the knights of the Silver Court. In addition, Jack was given with a powerful, magi-tech arm, a gift from a renowned gnomish tinkerer. Though honored as a hero among the fey folk, the war left Jack bitter and paranoid. He no longer belonged in the Seelie lands. Hoisting his knapsack over his shoulder, Jack walked through the shimmering bright of Viscaria’s Mirror, never again to look back on the light of Titania’s realm.

Model designed in Sculptris and TinkerCAD (3d print pending….)


#02 Man of Sorrows

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The Man of Sorrows is a sorceror who sought to trade his soul to an assembly of demons in exchange for immortality and incredible power. The demons, in a rare capricious moment of mingled mercy and cruelty, let him keep his soul instead. So he feels the full weight of all the evil he does, the suffering he causes, the certain knowledge that what he does makes the world a darker, meaner, lonelier place. The tears and pervasive aura of sadness comes from this weight, but it does not deter him from his pursuit of power.

He has now been alive for eight hundred years, but due to the demons’ deal, the emotional toll of the murderous soul eating, belief vampirism, and unspeakable rituals he must perform to attain whatever equivalent of godhood he seeks, has not dimmed one solitary bit. It hounds him now, drives him, has made him even more merciless. Those who know best hide their faces from this twisted messiah. Good friend, hope that you never hear those dragging yet persistent footsteps behind you. Pray your ears never know the sound of imps teeth grinding wet spectral flesh. Pray you never hear that voice full of the centuries’ tears, whispering in a trembling tenor “I’m so, so sorry….”

Day 30 – Katarina the Dragon Slayer as a child

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Katarina at 9 years old

# 17: Hayden Seer

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A speedy summoner, Hayden Seer.

Hayden Seer was an aspiring artist in the state of Washington. As a child, Hayden discovered he can make his doodles come to life and be his playmates. These were fairly harmless and were mainly used to entertain himself with, until upon his teens, when preparing for an upcoming gallery, his pictures came to life and ran rampart throughout the gallery. Hayden’s parents, office workers for the the Loman Organization, brought Hayden to the Loman Institute where he would better understand his ability. However, Hayden’s ability is a rare case, as summoners usually make contracts and call forth existing entities, not create them from thin air. This puzzle led many Mages within the Loman Institute to learn from him, yet Hayden is still trying to understand the full extent of his abilities through trial and error and from adapting the current tenants of magic and applying them to his particular form of magic.

As a Mage Agent of Loman, Hayden is a field operative, like Deidra Edelweiss, who employs magic as their primary weapon in combat, yet as a Mage, Hayden also works as a Mage counselor and researcher in studying the arcane arts.

Abilities: Hayden is a specialist in a rare form of summoning magic; where he summons images that are his own creation. As such, Hayden carries around a portfolio book with drawings that he has drawn and summons them via a blood seal offering. The creatures that Hayden summons exist as long as Hayden is willing to offer the blood for their continued existence as size determines the blood offerings, as a larger creature will require more blood and a shorter duration compared to a smaller creature and a longer time limit. As such, Hayden usually keeps his summoned creatures between 90 seconds to 15 minutes summons no more than three creatures, as such any longer or any larger and Hayden begins to feel the effects of blood loss immediately.

Hayden is also proficient in other fields of magic, particular sealing, barrier, and not surprisingly, summoning magic. Hayden also understands tracking magic and light healing magic to cope with blood loss and to heal himself from fatigue. Aside from summoning magic, Hayden is adept at kinetomancy, speed magic, where Hayden accelerates his reflexes so as to be a more evasive target to opponents, add to his combat training, and Hayden is a capable fighter, when not summoning creatures.

Hayden has completed basic small arms and close quarters combat training, so he is capable of hand to hand and using small arms weapons.

Creation: Hayden was one of the first of three characters that came to me in my idea for Loman. It was a dream I was reading or watching a show with these “supernatural agents” where there was an element witch, an art summoner, and a legendary weapons specialist. Hayden was going to be a POV character as he will be introduced to the team around issue two. The name came around just using Hayden and the mythical troupe of a seer. His outfit was modeled after  the dream, where I saw such a robe, yet the detailing is modeled after a manga characters coat I saw. Originally, Hayden’s sketchbook was to be strapped to his back, but I changed it to be more portable and it will be attached to his hip, like a personal firearm. The creatures were going to be based around stylized or exagerrated representations of my own library of characters, so as to make it my own personal Easter Egg of ideas.

#9 – Lady Daphne

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This is Lady Daphne, a consultant of the Society. She uses her sword only as a last resort.

#23 Witch-One

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“I breathe through the city lights/ my soul permeates the air over city nights/ I’m a god/ and you a facade sellin’ fake shit to the people…” King Fantastic, Locals Only

Witches — or more accurately, “men and women of knowledge”, are humanity’s only defense against bloodsucking top predators and shapeshifters, beasts that wear human form who hunger for the “shine” that exists in humans. the young woman who goes by the pseudonym Witch-One puts up tags and pieces that are actually spells and wards that she uses to protect the city of Los Angeles. Every tattoo and piercing that she has are enchanted to provide some kind of protection. The pun that is her street name actually helps ward off spells that try to divine her identity. When the caster says “which one”, the universe registers it as a question, and those type of spells backfire.

Not only are there a lot of monsters masquerading as people in the entertainment industry, there are also humans who stumble on to dangerous spells and curses. Also, more celebrities than you’d think turn out to be changeling babies.

So Witch-One runs the streets, keeping humanity from being overrun with a spray can, a gym bag with some haphazardly learned spells secondhand ritual tools, and a glock filled with silver bullets.


#24 Swordspell

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When the strength of warriors fail, wizard blood takes up the sword.  Darion Wyrdmaster is warned by the other sorcerers not to proceed, but the enemy army, a monstrous wall of force, is overwhelming-  There is no other choice.  He enchants his weapon with one of the few known Swordspells, and becomes a hero- Dealing out defeat to the invaders and then weeding out monsters and villains throughout the land.  But there is a reason not to mix blood and magic, and soon Darion is fighting a battle for his soul.


Swordspell is © and TM Mike Dubisch

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#21 King Sexytime

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King Sexytime

King Sexytime


when low-key gay middle manager Kendall MacCready  says the magic word “SWAJAM” he transforms into anarchic pansexual libertine KING SEXYTIME, and gains superhuman powers:

The Passion of Sappho

The Orgone energy of Wilhelm Reich

The Willpower of Aleister Crowley

The Perception of James Joyce

The Intelligence of Anais Nin

The perversity of the Marquis de Sade

It’s not known where Kendall McCready goes when he says the magic word, but it’s implied that he can see what KS is doing, and he doesn’t generally approve. He’s usually reluctant to say the word, seeing KS as a disgusting pervert. But he hates King Sexytime’s nemesis even more: villainous, repressive (and repressed) RAMROD, an armored enforcer who commits deeds of ugliness and violence with his face covered, during the night, or during peaceful gatherings of people during the day. Ramrod is rumored to not be a cop at all (and his badge is usually covered up), but in fact a reclusive billionaire. King Sexytime stops Ramrod’s violent rampages, usually by making him really, really uncomfortable. He just wants this uptight guy to relax and let go a little bit. Is that so bad?

The comic he’s in is called SEXYTIME ADVENTURES, and it is not for younguns.


#22 Zania and the Strangedraken

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Zania and the Strangedraken

The Wight child was found and raised by the Draken medicine-maker as his apprentice- But in her teens she was re-discovered and kidnapped by  a tribe of her people.  Zania escaped and returned to her adopted people, but not before discovering the Wight’s secrets of Swordlore.  The Draken take to this craft like nothing before, and Zania, together with her mentor the Strangedraken, will shift the balance of power in their world.


Zania and the Strangedraken is © and TM Mike Dubisch


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#20 Israfel & Lucasta

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Israfel & Lucasta

Israfel & Lucasta

Israfel and Lucasta are Scarlet-ranked initiates of the Mysteries, a Greco-Egyptian mystery cult, and as such are allowed to mingle with outside society in a 10th century Baghdad where magic is the province of scholars and new Greek and Indian sciences mingle with Aztec flying machines. They operate, at the behest of their superiors, as magical detectives of sorts. Israfel and Lucasta both left their native cultures to become initiates in The Mysteries. Because they are considered exotic outsiders, they’re able to get away with asking questions and going places that others can’t.

Israfel used to be  Jörgen, a Viking, and he’s a giant Nordic dude who is paradoxically curious and bookish. Israfel is a music-master and writer. In Arabic his cult name means “the burning one” and fire spells are indeed a specialty.

Lucasta was originally Femi, hailing from the Yoruba empire, and is a striking, Amazonian woman whose urban sophistication hides a childlike sense of wonder. Lucasta’s name means “pure light” (lux casta) and casting light-related spells are her preferred technique. Also means a degree of invisibility, but also her ability to pierce the veil of time without using traditional forms of divination.

Israfel refuses to wear sandals like everyone else. It drives Lucasta crazy. Otherwise, they get along pretty well, they both geek out over magic and bond over their outsider status both in Baghdad and at home. Recently, one of the founders of the Mysteries was found murdered, and suspects are numerous. Not only are nobles of the Caliphate jealous of the power and secrecy the Mysteries wield, the other cultures with a presence in Baghdad would like to get their hands on some of that power as well. From jealous Mayan astronomers to greedy Templars, from the Hashishim of Alamut to Taoist mystics, enemies appear to be on all sides. How do you solve a murder when all of your suspects are magicians?

#20 Diabla

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By studying magic since childhood Diabla has  managed to acquire the power to cast flashy destructive spells, mind control,  and pretty much bend the whole of reality to her will.

One of the most dangerous beings in the astral plane, she is to be avoided at all costs. Especially when she is cranky!

#14 – Thaddeus Zoltaire

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In the city of Estervale, the police have their work cut out for them. There’s all the regular crimes that need regular policing, but from time to time they need a solution that is a little more… occult. That’s why they have Thaddeus Zoltaire on staff.

A graduate of the prestigious Barrowmill Academy, Zoltaire is proficient in most of the mystic arts that the police need – identification, tracking, truth-telling, scrying and the like. From time to time, however, he is called upon to stretch his talents somewhat.

His boss wants a golem now, something that comes perilously close to creating life – a crime against magic that could cost him his license to practice. But in order to save the reputation of the police department against an antagonistic media, Zoltaire is ready to help. So he builds a golem.

But not just any golem.

A golem mime.

Read Zoltaire’s story in Golemime, part 1

#9 – Jakinda “Jax” Rivera

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To read Jax’s origin story please visit www.geekywhiteguy.com

#20 – Bloodstone

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My heart beats to the rhythm of the jungle drum!

Attacked by a vampire passing thru her village as a child, Bloodstone was rushed to the village shaman who used her mastery of the mystic arts of Voodoo to stem the spread of the blood-virus.  Using a gem called, The Crimson Eye, she’s able to keep her vampirical blood-thirst at bay, while using the powers imbued her to keep her village safe!

#20 Kamano

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Several reasons this character came to me. 1) I’ve been ignoring my Teyra people, 2) I don’t draw enough dudes, and 3) the majority of my characters have been really peppy and I wanted to try something a bit more serious. Also, in case you click the link below and wonder why he and his sister don’t live in the same place, Runyori moved as soon as she was able. Always wanting to be independent, that girl.

My entry for Runyori is here, and general Teyra info is here.

#6 – Epitaph

| November 12, 2010 | 1 Comment

The Dead wear No Shoes!


The zombie detective who returns from beyond the grave to solve crimes of the occult, Epitaph was once a man whose practice of the mystic arts left him a conduit for mystic energy!  Now, whenever the cries of the innocent are unheard by the law, he returns from his eternal slumber to correct the careful balance of the universe!


| November 11, 2010 | 3 Comments


is a witch doctor from India.

#5 – Molly the (Student) Mage

| November 7, 2010 | 3 Comments

A student at the Windsoar Adventure Academy for Young Adventurers (WAAfYA), Molly is well on her way to becoming a fine sorceress.  She is well versed in the Elemental Arts, but studies a little Black Magic on the side, just for kicks.  Upon graduation, she hopes to form a mighty guild with some of her fellow classmates and slay many a foul beast!

#4 – Lemmy and Yhal

| November 7, 2010 | 1 Comment

Lemmy (the turtle) finds Yhaluthonin (the snail) lost and alone one evening on his nightly round of his village perimeter.  Yhal comes from a clan of snail known well for their skills in magic, and by the trolls of the forest, for their psychedelic properties.  Yhal tells Lemmy how a band of greedy forest trolls raided his den and snatched up his friends and family and pleads for his help.  The two join forces and set out for adventure.

Technically two characters, but they work as a cohesive unit.  Lemmy is the brute force, Yhal works his mystics to cast spells and such in aid of Lemmy.

#2. Soul Sister

| November 5, 2010 | 1 Comment
Soul Sister

Voodoo Super-Killer Extraordinaire

Ayesha St. Croix only ever wanted to be like her big sister Ayana. Like her late mother before her, Ayana was chosen to lead her close-knit Haitian village as the High Priestess, and was gifted with her mother’s mystical abilities. Ayesha was always jealous of the favored Ayana, and struck a deal with a demon to take her sister’s powers for herself. The pact worked—Ayesha gained mastery over the living and the dead, as well as intimate knowledge of universal secrets. The transfer also happened to kill Ayana, which Ayesha had hoped to avoid. She is now forever haunted by her actions, and the voices of the dead will never let her rest. She now travels the globe, seeking redemption for her sins and meting out the judgment of the wicked.

But it’s not all misery and torment–Ayesha now possesses some powerful abilities. She is able to sense the supernatural, from demons and ghosts to the auras of a person’s soul. She can speak to the dead (and undead) and bid them to do as she commands. Her hellfire bolts are effective against living enemies, but her rather large and jagged knife is pretty effective, too.

#4 Blind Voodoo Priest

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