#4 Blind Voodoo Priest

| November 4, 2010 | 5 Comments

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Category: Fantasy

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I am a graduate student in forensic anthropology at Michigan State University, and illustration has always been something I enjoy. This is year #2 for me with the 30 Characters Challenge and I'm pretty darn excited about it!

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  1. Eric White says:

    Jane…this is one creepy looking dude. Fantastic drawing!

    I want to know more about this guy. Like, for starters, whose tiny little head is he wearing around his neck!?

  2. saulone says:

    Haha- love e shrunken head 🙂

    The teeth necklace is a beaut, as is that back foot – you chose some tough angles.

  3. King AdBeck says:

    I am loving the characters you’re posting. This is just beautiful! I find it funny that your profile describes you as “not a professional artist by any stretch of the imagination” – ’cause it doesn’t seem that much of a stretch to me.

  4. This is so delightfully creepy!

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