#3 Herbert Yamovich: Wangst Eater

| November 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Been a long day, so just a portrait (and also just under the wire for the day):

Among those in the know, it’s long been common knowledge that at least 15% of all high school janitors are “wangst eaters” (Vampirus Patheticus). It provides a lifestyle of abundance, and can sustain most Wangst Eaters with little to no effort.

Herbert Yamovich, however, is insatiable. He plants break-up notes in lockers, enables parental alcoholism, and isn’t above stealing the occasional bag of candy. The volatile nature of the American teenager ensures that he remains filled to bloating on negative emotional feedback. His aura is positively obese.

His only enemy is Jimmy Kiddo: the Most Well Adjusted Kid in Schoolâ„¢.

Category: Horror, Humor

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  1. Chris Tupa says:

    Great expression and your inking is awesome! Great style

  2. jason Week says:

    Thanks! All of my inking for the challenge so far has been digital, which I still have mixed feelings about. Hopefully, I can sit down and use my brush on one or two characters before the month is out.

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