This deep web chat room lets you chat with total strangers as well as with your friends in P2P chats

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This deep web chat room lets you chat with total strangers as well as with your friends in P2P chats

It’s also quite active. Generally, there are over 100 users on the site at any given moment. But, this site only provides private chat rooms, so forget about group chatting. There are four languages available here: Dutch, English, Russian, and Spanish. Although the interface is somewhat slow, it may still be fun to chat on the site. And, a nice perk, – you don’t need to register before using it.


Ableonion is a fun chat room that allows chatting privately with strangers or join group chats. You don’t need to sign up with the site – just set a username and start communicating. You can use the “/ignore” command to mute the users, whose messages you don’t want to see. The crowd on this site is mostly friendly.

pfpmd Chat

This is, perhaps, one of the simplest chat rooms on the deep web. There’s no need to register with it or fill out any forms – just load the website and start typing and sending your messages. However, you should note that although there are English speakers in this chat room, most of the users seem to be Russian. It allows posting third-party images but you can disable this feature if you want to. It’s not the most effective chat room out there, but it’s seemingly legal in every sense. Also, you can reply to each thread individually.


Retroshare is basically an application that creates decentralized, encrypted chat servers. This is an open-source solution that fully supports freedom of speech and abolishes any censorship. You can even use it for mailing, channels, file-sharing, forums in a completely anonymous and decentralized mode. You may need some time to set it up properly. You will have to generate a Retroshare certificate, paste it, and share it with the users that you want to communicate through the app.

Anonymous Dark web chat room

This is another example of a simple and straightforward chat room. Just introduce your username, check the “I agree to not do anything stupid” box, and start chatting. There are no private P2P chat rooms here. There’s only one basic group chat lobby, where everyone talks to each other. If you want, you can create additional chat rooms.

DN Chat

This is a “for members only” chat room, so you can’t just enter it like you would with any other chat in the list. Apparently, someone just has to invite you to join it. There is no other way to get in since there is no registration feature on the site.

Nerve Centre

Nerve Centre is another simple chat room option on the deep web. Once again, you just load the site and get straight to chatting. Don’t fuss over the registration or any such nonsense. The site supports HTML tags, so you can change the color of your messages or even add animations to them. Everyone’s username is set to “Anonymous” by default, but you can change it to whatever you want.


This is a predominantly Russian site with mostly Russian-speaking users. However, its interface is in English. You automatically get a username upon loading the site and enter the chat room after clicking the “Start” button. It’s simple to use and get around with. You can contact users privately or ignore them if you want to.

Hidden Chat

The Hidden Chat is somewhat similar to the DN Chat, but you don’t need an invite to join it. You will have to register with it, though. This chat room provides full anonymity and quick communication. Just introduce your nickname and password and get on with chatting. This is, perhaps, one of the most popular and active chat rooms on the darknet. There are normally 500 users online at any given moment. No porn of any type is allowed. Everything is legal.

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