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Wow! What a great month! So many awesome new characters from all the participants. I really enjoyed seeing all the creativity every day. Thanks to Tyler for gathering us all together. You Rock dude! So I didn’t quite finish the challenge. I did come up with 30 characters, but I was only able to illustrate 12 of them. If anything I learned I need to work on my time management skills.

Entering the challenge I planned on coming up with fresh ideas every day and not having any preconceived plans to the characters before I put my pencil to the paper. But once I started with the first character I started getting ideas for other characters. Eventually I created a list of 30 characters that were not only connected to each other, but also connected to the universe of my current personal comic projects.

I’ve included my list of the 30 characters with a strike through on the ones I was able to illustrate and post. Although I wasn’t able to get them all done in time for this awesome challenge. I will finish them and post on my personal blog (ComicBookGraphicDesign.com).

30 Characters 2010 – Ralph Contreras

  • 1. Foot Soldier of the Cyber Lords (male)
  • 2. Zarruk Xeon (male)
  • 3. General Grimm (male)
  • 4. Surge Shocker (male)
  • 5. Penelope Chamber (female)
  • 6. Leon Perrie (male)
  • 7. Psycho Bringer (male)
  • 8. Susan Spektor (female)
  • 9. Legerity [Sandra Spektor, sister of Susan Spektor] (female)
  • 10. Solarus [John McCarran] (male)
  • 11. Brother Jeffrey Hamilton, Founder of the Church of Solarus (male)
  • 12.Cyberonic [Jason Tabort] (man)
  • 13. Solarus II [Benjamin McCarran, son of original Solarus] (male)
  • 14. Jeremiah Stone [Elementals; Earth] (male)
  • 15. Susanna Ridley [Elementals); Wind] (female)
  • 16. Bo Stone [Elementals; Water] (male)
  • 17. Jed Griffen  [Elementals; Fire] (male)
  • 18. Victory [uses a modified Foot Soldier energy staff] (female)
  • 19. Red Mammoth (male)
  • 20. Tiger Shadow (male)
  • 21. Crimson Sun [Cameron McCarran, son of original Solarus and brother to Solarus II] (male)
  • 22. Cakka’ria, Cyber Lord field leader (female)
  • 23. Kevin Spektor [son of Solarus II and Susan Spektor] (male)
  • 24. Azaark’con, interstellar bounty hunter (Female)
  • 25. The Shadows Man [Alec Samson] (male)
  • 26. Mighty Max [Maximilian Murphy] (male)
  • 27. Arcanzra Bliz’chat, Acarien Rebel leader (arachnoid alien male)
  • 28. Shak’urra Bliz’chat, Acarien Rebel [daughter of Arcanzra Bliz’chat] (arachnoid alien female)
  • 29. Hexson Ichubuz, Former Foot Soldier, now free (male)
  • 30. Oun Da Zerka the Cyber Lord (male)

Thanks again to Tyler James for gathering us all together, and to Daniel Govar (saulone) for the great .psd templates. As an alumni of last year’s 30 Character Challenge, I was proud to participate again this year. I’m happy to have made new friends with a bunch of great and talented artists. Anyone else that wants to connect with me, follow the links at the end of this post. See you all next year again for the 2012 Challenge! – Shazam!

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My name is Ralph Contreras, I'm a graphic designer and proud comic book nerd living in Santa Fe, NM. A Four year alumni of the 30 Character Challenge, I have aspirations of becoming a professional comic book artist. I've been reading comics for over 25 years. I owned and ran my own comic shop for 5 years. My day job is graphic design, but at night I work on sharpening my storytelling, drawing and inking skills. I setup a personal blog www.Comic Book Graphic Design.com where I combine my comic artwork with my graphic design skills. I post all my pencils, inks and character designs on the blog. I also post great comic book resources to help other aspiring comic artists in their journey too. In past 30 Character Challenges I've made some really great online friendships with fellow creators.. I'm always interest in making new friends and contacts, so drop me a line any time. - Shazam!

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  1. Dale says:

    Dang dude. You rock.

  2. K says:

    I can totally relate re having created characters eventually mushroom into an interconnected reality. I hope they develop well in your project!

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