2011 Challenger: Antoine “Guerlot” Gagnon

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Can anyone please tell me where the bar is?
Name: Antoine Gagnon
Nickname: Guerlot (means “drunk” in French Canadian Slang)
Height: 5′ 10″
Weight: 180lbs
Sex: yes please!
Interests: Music, Movies, Golf, Comics!
Comic: The Drunken Fools
Other Project: The Webcomic Alliance

You know when a guy would buy a sport car or a motorcycle for his mid-life crisis? Well, I didn’t. Instead, I bought a bunch of pens & pencils and decided to learn how to draw. That was three years ago. Now enjoying the life of an artist, after work hours!

Now today, when someone is asking me “You do a comic?”, I like to pretend that I do. I do a digital comic available here: The Drunken Fools . 

I am also very proud of being part of the Webcomic Alliance, providing tips, tutorials and entertainment to the webcomic community.

What brought me to the 30 Charcaters Challenge?  Tyler’s good look.

Okay, not really! I want to try drawing outside my comfort zone, which is my current comic. Hopefully, I’ll make it to the end!


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Illustrator, Cartoonist and resident Drunken Fool. Creator of the Webcomic The Drunken Fools

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