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Sam Medina – Day 26

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Day 16 –

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Day 15 –

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Day 14 – Crolack the Moon King

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Crolack the Moon King

Day 12 –

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Lt. Chico Vega, detective

Sam Medina – Day 11

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John Q. Dodo

Sam Medina – Day 10

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#30 – Shrill Ost Enforcer

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My final character for this year’s 30 Characters challenge is the Shrill Ost Enforcer which is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

A celestial cousin to the Shrill Soth Ost, the Enforcer is their loyal assistant. The Enforcer is used to weaken Shrill target planets and civilizations before the Shrill move in to take over. It’s immense physicality, strength, and powers in controlling sound make the Enforcer a very tough to beat opponent.

The Enforcer was used once to attack Musica – home of the musician gholhems and mystical instruments. Ekvaren faced and fended off he/she/it and both Ekvaren and the Enforcer disappeared during the battle. The elder mystical instruments theorize they’ve become one with the universal song and it’s possible they could be brought back into physical existence by summoning them with the correct musical spell.

#29 – Crush Tremor

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Formerly one of the Drum Walkers in Nagado’s drum core, Crush came in contact with a Shrill Hermit and now plays only as host for this parasite. Crush never was the nicest gholhem you’d meet but now he’s corrupted by the Shrill he’s downright super-dangerous.

Before Crush was corrupted he’d spend his days practicing to be the loudest drum gholhem not that he’d want Nagado’s approval openly – but any time Nagado paid Crush a compliment Crush would be noticeably less surly that day.

Crush’s friends theorized that he’d be better off pairing with a mystical instrument, feeling that Crush’s biggest problem was loneliness.

Technically that’s not an issue anymore. Crush would like to be rid of the parasite controlling his mind but it seems there’s nothing he can do. Unless there’s some crazy mystical instrument available willing to join in the fight via mental link.

#28 – Reginald Blastworth

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Reginald Blastworth is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Reginald Blastworth plays percussive instruments in the Tempo City Orchestra. That’s his day job. At night he moonlights as a goon for hire, wielding his powerful drum hammer to guard, steal, or smash whatever his client pays him to.

#26 – Hawk Screamer

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Hawk Screamer is a gholhem from the world of Musica and a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Hawk left Musica soon after the world became linked with Terra via the musical bridge. Found constant work in the music industry as a guest singer on albums across nearly all genres of music. Not one to enjoy the spotlight he avoids forming his own band. Instead he uses his fame to connect with more and more musicians and music projects keeping busy doing what he loves to do. What he loves to do: sing and solve music related crime mysteries.

#22 – Barb Creston

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Barb Creston is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Barb Creston works with Iscura Tragtomb in the administrative office at Polytechnica. During her breaks she runs to a nearby coffeeshop to enjoy a good book and warm comforting beverage. She’s found this practice relaxes her and keeps her from punching her miserable weasel of a boss Iscura in the face.

#23 – Gene the Ninja Rockstar

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Gene the Ninja Rockstar is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Tribal Knights are the greatest protectors of Musica and all mystical instruments. One of the greatest tribal knights ever also happened to be a ninja named Gene. Gene is an impressive force on stage when he sings and plays guitar in his band. Even more impressive is how he’s always on call to handle any trouble that enters Musica – home of the mystical instruments. During a recent battle, Gene made a mistake and was poisoned by a great and powerful celestial beast. Now he faces the problem of not wanting to admit he should pass down the Tribal Kight mantel which means he’ll have to face the mystical instruments and ask for help.

#20 – Jenton

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Jenton is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Jenton is one of the first humans to gain knowledge of The Way of Sound and one of the first humans to visit Musica. Jenton is honest, strong willed, yet humble. Other than a tendency to laugh at strange times, the mystical instruments and gholhems favor Jenton above all other human musicians. The feeling was mutual until Jenton discovered some of the darker truths about the connection between mystical instruments and their musicians. That’s when he left Musica, never to return.

#17 – General Kith Ost

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General Kith Ost is a Shrill and a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

The Shrill are a largely hive-minded race of celestial intergalactic sound destroying beings. They’ve occupied and controlled many star systems over many millennia. For most of that time – General Kith Ost has lead the assaulting forces. General Kith Ost possesses both mental and physical strengths beyond his Shrill Servant brethren. His calculating nature, flexible tactics on the battlefield, and undefeated record make him the second Shrill that can be the hub of the Shrill hive mind. The other is the original Shrill – the Soth Ost – who is growing to fear and despise General Kith.

The odd thing about General Kith is – he doesn’t just like to destroy sound. He loves to play music and has even discovered a few techniques in The Way of Sound when as a spoil of battle he took into his possession an ancient quad-guitar sword.

#16 – “Mean” Marve Soarn

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“Mean” Marve Soarn is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Marve is the gholhem in charge of cleaning all important public spaces on the world of Musica. In general he likes his job and admits with only mild annoyance that it got a lot harder with the destruction of Chromarch. Like many gholhems of Musica, Marve plays an instrument. It’s a combo instrument that’s both percussive and a woodwind and it happens to look very much like a double headed mop. But please, what ever you do… don’t call his bo-wave-staff a mop. Those that do get to learn how Marve got his nickname as he curses like he knows no other words and uses his bo-wave-staff to mop the floor with them.

#15 Jake Boneswarm

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Jake Boneswarm is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Jake Boneswarm is known to Musica’s gholhems and mystical instruments as a roaming undead musician. Initially seen as a threat, now Jake is well respected among the instruments as they appreciate his considerable talent. He’s also seen as a cursed artist to have respect and pity over as he’s bound to his skeletal form, cursed to perform once per day for as large of a crowd as he can find or gather at a moments notice when the curse takes effect.

What the unsuspecting instruments and gholhems don’t know is that Jake became cursed when he stole the spirits of a few famous musicians some years ago. The musician’s spirits all cursed Jake so if he didn’t perform for as big of an audience as he can find every single day – Jake would turn to dust.

After the curse Jake Boneswarm swore he’d never steal a spirit again. However, such a promise could prove hard to keep if he crossed paths with a bunch of talented musicians all at once – such as the bunch of talented musicians in that have joined Professor Razorclaw’s class at Polytechnica.

#13 – Amplifier Riot

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Amplifier Riot is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Amplifier Riot is the collective mind, body, and creative energy of hundreds of sentient music amplifiers and speaker systems. He/She/It formed during a confluence of energy unleashed at what started as a peaceful demonstration for fair treatment and equalization for all amplifiers.

During a speech being given by one of the key organizers – a battle at the edge of the crowd broke out. Pick and Crunchy and the rest of their band – Resonant Dojo were trying to stop an enraged group of gholhems from tearing the peaceful demonstration apart. Instead – the amplifiers sensed it all as a threat and conspiracy against their united spirit.

Their hearts and minds were so entirely focused that the entire crowd of amplifiers converged, morphed, and formed one giant entity that referred to itself as Amplifier Riot.

A witness to the event claims it escalated because Crunchy the mystical guitar was laughing at the amplifiers during his battle with the gholhems saying: “You don’t impress me, all you do is repeat what an instrument says only louder. No come back? Ha. Must have your volume nob turned down.” And that’s when Amplifier Riot brought the noise.

#14 – Ekvaren – Warlord of the People

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Ekvaren is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Ekvaren – Warlord of the People wasn’t born of royalty. He was a seemingly normal village are born in a land that was oppressively run by feudal rulers overtaxing and over punishing their people. His first attempt to escape oppression was to become a soldier. Through that experience he discovered his immense natural strength, cleverness, and leadership that sparked loyalty in many that knew him.

Eventually he realized that he was partaking in the very acts that was causing the poor conditions he grew up in. This sparked and him a cause for rebellion that he organized and struck out against the regional feudal lords.

While he was humane in taking over neighboring lands and villages – many times it required the taking captives. He would take captives that were likely to make trouble that could thwart his efforts tonight the regional lands.

After a hard-won victory in taking over the capital he met the Ikmoda – Gholhem Wiseman and Teacher and knew immediately this person must be imprisoned lest he confuse the people and cause more strife than was needed. However there was something very curious about Ikmoda. So Ekvaren would often visit Ikmoda in Ikmoda’s prison to meet and debate.

The legends get unclear and disagree with one another was how what happened next came about. Howevery, the do agree that eventually the Ekvaren and Ikmoda became friends and taught one another what each of them were best at. The warlord shared his knowledge of sword fighting and Ikmoda shared what he knew of the sound based martial art – The Way of Sound.

Years passed and peace and prosperity was now the rule of the lands where Ekvaren ruled. Ekvaren could have ruled for many years to come if it weren’t for the distress call from Musica. The distress call came to Ikmoda in a vision. He dreamed a detailed series of scenes in which the land of musica was under attack. All he could see were the results of some great force striking again and again destroying buildings, cities and villages. As the shock of the dream was waking up Ikmoda, he was able see just for a few seconds a small force of defending mystical instruments and gholhems battling against the creature. When Ikmoda awoke, he pleaded with Ekvaren to be allowed to go back to defend Musica.

Ekvaren denied his friends request. Instead he took Ikmoda’s guitar sword, called forth the musical bridge to reach the land of Musica. Ikmoda watched his friend jump in to battle and remove the bridge connection gateway between the lands.

What Ekvaren battled was like no living creature he’d ever faced. He fought a towering beast of celestial origin whose indeterminate shape seemed to lash out from every angle – destroying anything it struck. Beyond the frightening realization of the creature’s power – it seemed immune to the sword and even sound based attacks. Any blast of sound would dissipate as it got close to the creature. Standing next to it was to experience the vacuum of pure silence.

Ikmoda opened a new bridge to Musica – but once he arrived he saw neither his friend nor the horrific sound consuming creature. It had seemed his friend figured out a technique that no other caller mystical instrument understood but those that witnessed it did see the destruction of the beast.

This is when the mystical guitar tribe decided to open their ranks to create the honored position of tribal knight. Ever since, over the centuries, anytime the tribe found worthy warrior-bard they would make the offer. Join our tribe and we will share with you the post powerful secrets in The Way of Sound and you can wield a guitar sword to protect those that need it and to honor the Mystical Guitar Tribe.

#12 – Roanne Lancer

| November 12, 2010 | 2 Comments

Roanne Lancer is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Roanne Lancer holds the high position of master instructor in three separate creative disciplines: dance, writing, and acting at Polytechnica: the prestigious best-of-the-best college within Zoo College of the Arts. She sees herself as the rightful successor to the schools first multi-disciplined master: Professor Xavian Charlesworth. However, Professor Terrant Razorclaw prevents this just by doing an outstanding job as the master professor of all music at the college.

To cover so many departments effectively, Roanne oversees a team of assistant professors and their student teachers which the entire lot are often referred to by their unofficial name “The Lance Collective”.

Roanne is an aggressively competitive person and able to adapt her mind and body to achieve almost anything. This serves her well when she is heading toward single-minded goals but it becomes a significant hindrance when she needs to do anything with a group of peers or students. When it’s time for the group to decide anything, she thinks the best thing to do is to fight it out. Literally. For her this isn’t a problem because she happens to hold higher than black belt rank in Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, and both pro wrestling and thumb wrestling.

Recently she’s set her sights on mastering The Way of Sound – which she never knew existed until seeing Professor Razorclaw’s students Pick and Crunchy perform an assignment gig at the Soundhouse Saloon.

Anytime she crosses paths with Master of Music Professor Terrant Razorclaw, the sparks fly, challenges are said, and often an exchange of sound and martial arts techniques occurs. These exchanges are typically over in moments and almost never seen by bystanders.

It is interesting to note that she does not really care about taking over the visual arts because there is no one to compete within that space. After Charlesworth left the college the position of master of visual arts became vacant and has remained so ever since.

#11 – Iscura Tragtomb

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Iscura Tragtomb is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Iscura spends his days as a petty tyrant in the offices of the Zoo College of the Arts (ZCA) managing the day to day operations of the offices. His favorite thing is finding technicalities that force students to rethink major aspects of their school careers. He’s practiced in finding prerequisites that are not met well-enough, reasons to put students into probabtion, and reasons to expel students on probation.

This all started for Iscura when he was seeking entrance into ZCA soon after ZCA became an accredited art college. Iscura wanted to be a famous art professor and sought entrance into the most difficult program offered at ZCA the Polytechnica Master of the Arts. Why go for such a lofty academic position? In Iscura’s town, it was uncommon for the younger generation to seek careers outside of the local businesses of foam and tourism… so throughout his life he was a celebrated small town hero and had little outside feedback. That’s the polite way Iscura remembers things. In actuality, anytime someone offered feedback Iscura would pitch a fit to be tied… and after a few of those outbursts at public events and fairs people treated him differently. They gave him constant, droning approval.

When Iscura met the young Angela Tall (who is now the dean of the whole college – then an admittance counselor) she gently explained what he needed to work on in order to be admitted in a year or two. Then when Iscura tried to launch into a whiney tirade throwing papers and books about her office – Angela would have none of it. She subdued Iscura and as she was escorting him out of her office in an arm twisting wrist lock – he opened up a seemingly sincere plea to just be part of the college somehow to work his way up the ladder – no matter how long it took.

Years later, Iscura just bides his time waiting for opportunities to look good to his supervisor (which is still Angela Tall) and to vent his frustrations by throwing red tape and technicalities at unsuspecting students. He has set his eyes on the dean’s job which he’s still waiting for the right situation to make his move.

Optional fun bonus game with this post! Iscura Tragtomb is an anagram. Can you guess it? Whoever guesses it first on twitter by @ tweeting me the answer (I’m @RobStenzinger) by the end of November, I’ll send them an artist trading card sketch of one my 30 Characters.

#9 – Harmata

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Harmata is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Harmata was the first instrument familiar created by King Beatforge. A dedicated assistant, Harmata would keep King Beatforge’s workshop running, organized with supplies, and find homes for the various other creations that took shape from within the instrument furnace.

He carries a simple harmonica to pass the time when his workday is done and King Beatforge is away from the workshop. From time to time Harmata suffers from intense jealousy of King Beatforge’s other creations and has been suspected of stealing, hiding or breaking them but never been caught.

#8 – King Beatforge

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King Beatforge is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

King Beatforge is a gholhem (a race from the world of Musica) who never connected with a mystical instrument. He discovered he indeed had the talent to be a powerful drummer, perhaps enough so to become a master of the Way of Sound. He found he had stronger interests elsewhere when he discovered he could heal and modify mystical instruments. This led to his discovery of how to create gholhem and instrument familiars (sentient amps, guitar pedals, and other band supporting equipment).

King Beatforge held a position of high honor among mystical instrument society making his creations for all of Musica and the celestial beings that Musica serves. While a drummer at heart, King Beatforge carried a powerful enchanted (but not sentient) woodwind all-purpose crafting instrument.

King Beatforge always enjoyed creating items – most of all to serve Musica and he tolerated the tributes and gifts he had to build for the celestial beings Musica served. Often, while creating items and entities he would assemble an audience and make a performance of the art. He could dazzle crowds while creating rhythms out of items in his workshop and still crafting materials together in his instrument furnace. He could pack a few hundred gholhems and mystical instruments in his workshop and dazzle, entertain, and inspire them for hours.

King Beatforge went missing during the world shattering battle now known as “The Fall of Chromarch” where much of Musica was torn apart. Much of it was destroyed when part of Musica fell to Terra.

#4 – Extier

| November 5, 2010 | 2 Comments

Extier is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo.

In times almost forgotten by the race of mystical instruments a celestial force tried to completely control their world of Musica. The celestial being used only one soldier… Extier.

During that prolonged and difficult battle, Extier was a force of nature. He seemed to only live to consume mystical instruments and was immune to sound-based attacks. This being is the sole reason why the society and culture of the instruments incorporated physical martial arts into The Way of Sound. To this day the mystical instruments commonly use their rough and faded memory of Extier as the archetype for all that is evil and to be utterly feared.

Aside from never controlling urges to destroy and consume mystical instruments, Extier tries to be a personable guy. He has a streak of perfectionism and constant physical self improvement. Recently he’s taken up studying simple joke telling as a way to interact with other species besides fighting and eating. He’s quite bad at it which often leads to him feeling inadequate which leads to him destroying the being that didn’t appreciate his attempt at humor.

#4 Trixie Hexpot

| November 4, 2010 | 6 Comments

For all my pagan friends out there. Sure its a bit late for Halloween, but who’s complaining? I’m not, that’s who!

#3 – Wolfgang & Gruncha

| November 3, 2010 | 2 Comments

Wolfgang and Gruncha are a new character duo in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo.

Gruncha was the first penguin (albeit an alien penguin) musician to bond with a mystical instrument and at age 124, probably the oldest living being to bond with one as well. He went on to amaze world of Musica with his talents and become a celestial ambassador to the beasts and beings that rely on the mystical instruments as entertainment, weapons, and companionship.

Although his post is that of ambassador, Gruncha can be the most stubborn and inflexible person ever. This is exemplified in the events where Musica became connected to the creative energy of the planet Terra (a tale for another time)… and he willed his own creative heart to leave him yet not die. Over time his creative heart took solid form and named itself Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is as manic as Gruncha is stubborn. When on an upswing Wolfgang can inspire thousands to skip, dance, and play. On the downswing Wolfgang’s harsh actions and biting attitude can make a unicorn mad enough to punch a rainbow and Gruncha almost mad enough to merge together with Wolfgang.

#2 – Deedle Van Scoot

| November 2, 2010 | 2 Comments

Deedle Van Scoot is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo. He’s a visual arts student at Zoo College of the Arts – the less prestigious school that houses the exclusive best-of-the-best performance and all-arts school Polytechnica.

Deedle constantly finds himself under the pooping bird of trouble. His knack for trouble isn’t due to being mischievous or acting-out. Rather, Deedle has a special talent for sensing where beautiful things are happening or are about to happen. Unfortunately for him these beautiful events also happen to be dangerous events. Whether that’s the best sunset that blinds a swerving bus driver, the most amazing flock of birds about to take-off en-masse that then swoop and attack, a triumphant athletic moment that leads to him getting tackled, or an intense battle of bands wielding powers in The Way of Sound in a powerful spectacle (where it’s just not safe to be standing near in order to finish a drawing or capture a photograph) where crumbling buildings and statues miss him.

One side effect of this is that Deedle is constantly out of cash due to replacing his often-violently-broken art gear.

Deedle has narrowly avoided his own demise more times than he can possibly keep track. To him – this is just bad luck. While the reality of his situation eludes him, Deedle has started to wonder if there’s a pattern to his troubles.

Matters of Deedle aside, I recently shared some of my experience so far with Art Challenge Events such as 30 Characters and 24 Hour Comic Day in my art journal podcast “The Art Geek Zoo Polytechnicast“.


Direct link to the episode MP3 file: Art Challenge Events

#1 – Shath – Corrupt Grandmaster of Woodwinds

| November 1, 2010 | 4 Comments

Shath is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

During an encounter with a powerful Shrill, Shath became corrupted and is now the Shrill’s tomb/rebirth chamber guardian.

Before his final corruption, Shath was the in the aloof position of Grand Master Supreme of all woodwinds. Shath became further and further detatched from the music he should both teach and perform. Being such a powerful ally to control, Shath was the Shrill’s dream come true – at least initially. Shath’s well developed sense of bitterness to other musicians of high rank, and disdain for mystical instruments – even the one he carries – made it so the process of Shrill mind control simply converted Shath to their side completely.

Instead of being an order-following drone as a victim of Shrill mind control would normally be – Shath is an over-achieving never-stand-still minion too busy for his own good. The main effect this has on his superiors is that they send Shath on dangerous missions over and over in the hope that one of these days, Shath won’t make it back.

Shath is very stealthy, not too strong physically, but is a Grand Master in The Way of Sound and as such is a very formidable opponent. Shath’s flute, Khaz, was once a sentient mystical instrument but is now believed to have faded into dormancy, perhaps permanently.

30 Characters Challenger: Rob Stenzinger

| October 28, 2010 | 2 Comments

Welcome Back “30 Characters” Readers and Challengers!

Rob Stenzinger

I’m Rob Stenzinger. I survived last years challenge and though it was a ton of fun, it was also quite challenging. Recalling the good and bad stresses I ran into last year, part of me is asking my self… “DUDE! Why in the world do you want to do this AGAIN?”.

But the truth of it is that it was great practice and an incredible experience. It was inspriring to be part of a group of artists and writers sharing the best we could muster each and every day for a whole month. The practice, inspiration, shared experience and supportive audience made it totally worth while.

So I’m back and stoked to see what comes of it this year! What cool art and words will I wake up to everyday in November?

As to the other projects I do:  I draw the comic Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound every week:

Art Geek Zoo - The Way of Sound
(Art Geek Zoo – The Way of Sound)

… and I continue with new updates for the game I released earlier this year, Guitar Fretter.

Guitar Fretter
(Guitar Fretter – an action-puzzle game of learning the guitar fretboard and defeating Minions!)

Finally – there’s another big event I’ll be a part of this November: the UP! Fair. I’ll be meeting and learning from other comic creators and independent publishers and that’s where I’ll be debuting my new workshop “Storytelling to Make Your Comic’s User Interface Awesome“.

Cthulhu - Deep Sea Bassist
(Cthulhu – Deep Sea Bassist will be in the UP! Fair art auction coming soon…)

Good luck, good practice, good discipline to us all! And thanks again, Tyler James for instigating such a fun creative challenge!