#13 – Amplifier Riot

| November 14, 2010 | 4 Comments

Amplifier Riot is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Amplifier Riot is the collective mind, body, and creative energy of hundreds of sentient music amplifiers and speaker systems. He/She/It formed during a confluence of energy unleashed at what started as a peaceful demonstration for fair treatment and equalization for all amplifiers.

During a speech being given by one of the key organizers – a battle at the edge of the crowd broke out. Pick and Crunchy and the rest of their band – Resonant Dojo were trying to stop an enraged group of gholhems from tearing the peaceful demonstration apart. Instead – the amplifiers sensed it all as a threat and conspiracy against their united spirit.

Their hearts and minds were so entirely focused that the entire crowd of amplifiers converged, morphed, and formed one giant entity that referred to itself as Amplifier Riot.

A witness to the event claims it escalated because Crunchy the mystical guitar was laughing at the amplifiers during his battle with the gholhems saying: “You don’t impress me, all you do is repeat what an instrument says only louder. No come back? Ha. Must have your volume nob turned down.” And that’s when Amplifier Riot brought the noise.

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  1. This looks amazing… exuding sheer power!

  2. Calmplex says:

    I love this Rob!!! both pieces you submitted today are awesome!!!!

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