#14 – Ekvaren – Warlord of the People

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Ekvaren is a new character/entity in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Ekvaren – Warlord of the People wasn’t born of royalty. He was a seemingly normal village are born in a land that was oppressively run by feudal rulers overtaxing and over punishing their people. His first attempt to escape oppression was to become a soldier. Through that experience he discovered his immense natural strength, cleverness, and leadership that sparked loyalty in many that knew him.

Eventually he realized that he was partaking in the very acts that was causing the poor conditions he grew up in. This sparked and him a cause for rebellion that he organized and struck out against the regional feudal lords.

While he was humane in taking over neighboring lands and villages – many times it required the taking captives. He would take captives that were likely to make trouble that could thwart his efforts tonight the regional lands.

After a hard-won victory in taking over the capital he met the Ikmoda – Gholhem Wiseman and Teacher and knew immediately this person must be imprisoned lest he confuse the people and cause more strife than was needed. However there was something very curious about Ikmoda. So Ekvaren would often visit Ikmoda in Ikmoda’s prison to meet and debate.

The legends get unclear and disagree with one another was how what happened next came about. Howevery, the do agree that eventually the Ekvaren and Ikmoda became friends and taught one another what each of them were best at. The warlord shared his knowledge of sword fighting and Ikmoda shared what he knew of the sound based martial art – The Way of Sound.

Years passed and peace and prosperity was now the rule of the lands where Ekvaren ruled. Ekvaren could have ruled for many years to come if it weren’t for the distress call from Musica. The distress call came to Ikmoda in a vision. He dreamed a detailed series of scenes in which the land of musica was under attack. All he could see were the results of some great force striking again and again destroying buildings, cities and villages. As the shock of the dream was waking up Ikmoda, he was able see just for a few seconds a small force of defending mystical instruments and gholhems battling against the creature. When Ikmoda awoke, he pleaded with Ekvaren to be allowed to go back to defend Musica.

Ekvaren denied his friends request. Instead he took Ikmoda’s guitar sword, called forth the musical bridge to reach the land of Musica. Ikmoda watched his friend jump in to battle and remove the bridge connection gateway between the lands.

What Ekvaren battled was like no living creature he’d ever faced. He fought a towering beast of celestial origin whose indeterminate shape seemed to lash out from every angle – destroying anything it struck. Beyond the frightening realization of the creature’s power – it seemed immune to the sword and even sound based attacks. Any blast of sound would dissipate as it got close to the creature. Standing next to it was to experience the vacuum of pure silence.

Ikmoda opened a new bridge to Musica – but once he arrived he saw neither his friend nor the horrific sound consuming creature. It had seemed his friend figured out a technique that no other caller mystical instrument understood but those that witnessed it did see the destruction of the beast.

This is when the mystical guitar tribe decided to open their ranks to create the honored position of tribal knight. Ever since, over the centuries, anytime the tribe found worthy warrior-bard they would make the offer. Join our tribe and we will share with you the post powerful secrets in The Way of Sound and you can wield a guitar sword to protect those that need it and to honor the Mystical Guitar Tribe.

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