#3 – Wolfgang & Gruncha

| November 3, 2010 | 2 Comments

Wolfgang and Gruncha are a new character duo in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo.

Gruncha was the first penguin (albeit an alien penguin) musician to bond with a mystical instrument and at age 124, probably the oldest living being to bond with one as well. He went on to amaze world of Musica with his talents and become a celestial ambassador to the beasts and beings that rely on the mystical instruments as entertainment, weapons, and companionship.

Although his post is that of ambassador, Gruncha can be the most stubborn and inflexible person ever. This is exemplified in the events where Musica became connected to the creative energy of the planet Terra (a tale for another time)… and he willed his own creative heart to leave him yet not die. Over time his creative heart took solid form and named itself Wolfgang.

Wolfgang is as manic as Gruncha is stubborn. When on an upswing Wolfgang can inspire thousands to skip, dance, and play. On the downswing Wolfgang’s harsh actions and biting attitude can make a unicorn mad enough to punch a rainbow and Gruncha almost mad enough to merge together with Wolfgang.

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  1. OMGcow says:

    They’re cute! Plus, awesome character description. I love their relationship dynamic.

  2. @OMGcow, Thanks! My hope is that with all that ebb and flow of tension between the two they’ll be fun to write and their cuteness will help balance their darker aspects.

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