#30 – Shrill Ost Enforcer

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My final character for this year’s 30 Characters challenge is the Shrill Ost Enforcer which is a new character in the world and story of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

A celestial cousin to the Shrill Soth Ost, the Enforcer is their loyal assistant. The Enforcer is used to weaken Shrill target planets and civilizations before the Shrill move in to take over. It’s immense physicality, strength, and powers in controlling sound make the Enforcer a very tough to beat opponent.

The Enforcer was used once to attack Musica – home of the musician gholhems and mystical instruments. Ekvaren faced and fended off he/she/it and both Ekvaren and the Enforcer disappeared during the battle. The elder mystical instruments theorize they’ve become one with the universal song and it’s possible they could be brought back into physical existence by summoning them with the correct musical spell.

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