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Joseph Trahan – 30 Characters 2013

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A bit late on the summary, but here are my 2013 stats: 10 ladies, 20 guys (same as last year… hmmm…). Just 5 of the anthropomorphic animal-types (including the fire salamander), and (arguably) 12 normal-looking human characters. I was able keep all 30 in a contained fantasy story this year, including 10 avatar characters. My secret theme this year was martial arts characters of which there were 5 (karate or kung fu), and one afro kid who’s moving his arms like tai chi.

My goal for this year was to keep it all in that one world, and I drew a lot of my inspiration from playing Magic the Gathering with my friends, or playing Diablo with my girlfriend. Thanks everyone for the help, patience and inspiration.

#29 and #30 Cage and Bird

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2013 Day 29-30

My final work containing two characters.

Cage and bird look like two different beings but they are the same.

#28 Royal Lady

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2013 Day 28

#27 Royal Fighter

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2013 Day 27

#26 Pilot Maddy

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2013 Day 26

Maddy likes to fly and she designes new flying machines all the time. Unfortunally does her family not like her passion so she has to conceal some of her inventions in her dresses and accessories.

#25 Marena

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2013 Day 25

#24 Magdalene

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2013 Day 24

OK, this one is a strange one. She is a yellow bunny with wings. 😉

#23 Smoke

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2013 Day 23

#22 Summer Breeze

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2013 Day 22

If the summer breeze could take a form…

All 30 Characters Ruben Kaae

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This is all the 30 character I did for this years challenge, its was a lot of fun to participate.
I experimented a lot with different types of techniques in my illustration approach.

This is the last year I’m participating the 30 character challenge, it’s my 3 attempt and its was a blast.
If you want too see more of my work, you can follow me here




Everybody take care now and keep drawing:)

Ruben Kaae signing off….:)

Alex Holt – Challenge Completed

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I have to say, this year didn’t exactly go according to plan – after a fairly decent start I ended up being distracted from the challenge for the best part of the rest of the month, culminating in me doing 12 rushed characters in the space of probably a little over 2 days.  Art quality suffered severely as a result.  I found that villains are a lot harder to come up with than heroes for me, and that setting myself a time limit for this tends to result in images I’m not happy with because since the first time I completed the challenge 2 years ago I’ve been doing more full paintings and less speed paints, so my timing is off for the latter.  I’ll probably go back to some of the more interesting characters later and render them up properly with the time they need.

compilation copy

Donald Poquiz – 30 Characters in 30 Days

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The challenge has been fun and I had forgotten how grueling it can be to get a character out every day. Thanks to everyone who’ve shown some interest in some of these characters, some of them will be fleshed out some more in some future creations.

Thanks to Tyler for keeping this event going.


Here is the link to see all the characters I have created related to every year of my participation: My Characters

My current on-going comic project that posts weekly can be found at Marriage & Laughter, stop by and leave a comment.

#29 & 30 – Ed and Lace

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These are two wolf people from a tech-reliant tribe opposed to Remy and Romulus’ tribes.  The bulky one’s Ed and the smaller one’s Lace, both part of an offense team from the  tribe.


#28 The Talker

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A bit late, here’s The Talker, a super-villain who manipulates people and things with his words.



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Not enough time! I had preliminary sketches for about 6 more, but are too far behind. I thought I’d put up the remaining sketches up even though not put into the computer:

moonman penguinknight reynold chiara ce  timetraveller tortoise


10. Is a heat/fire emitting fox.

11. Chiara is a female gondelea(?) in Venice of which there are only two, she is also a P.I. using her connections and ease of travel.

12. Is a nomadic engineer who incorporates earthly solutions.

13. Is a time traveler, she is a medic and biochemist who travels through time to find cures in tough terrain throughout time.


That’s all I’ve managed in my first year – I’ll try next year, and will probably work on all these characters beyond! 🙂

#30 Firefighter Medic

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Day 29: YMCA Karate

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#28 Shopper

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Challenge Complete – Links to all images

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Click thumbnails to see full sized images















#30.) That Thing

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30characters30If this creature likes you, it will silently follow and just stare at you. It is not aware that most people find this behavior creepy.

#29.) Spider Cat

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30characters29 Is it cute or terrifying?

#28.) Lira Abernath

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30characters28I’m determined to finish this!

Post 30 Days Thumbnail Gallery for John Tompkins, aka captblitzdawg

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30 days challenge board


It wasn’t easy with the holidays, full-time job and full-time family and all kinds of computer issues, but I finished the challenge on time yesterday or the second year in a row. I didn’t get all the pics colored like I would want and I may go back and re-edit those posts. It was fun and I look forward to next year! Thanks.

Joyce Ann (InkGizmo) Martin 2013 Summary!

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If thumbnails aren’t your thing, you can check out the blog post archive of my entire run of 30 Characters in 30 Days 2013 here.


I am happy to have succeeded in my first year as a challenger! I used 2013 as a month of no-pressure discovery by exploring subjects that I like while experimenting with my method. Along the way I ended up developing some good time-management habits for sure! It also left me anxious to start storytelling again, which was an interesting and encouraging feeling. It’ll be fun to look back on this set next year!

If you liked my work, more of my illustrations and visual musings can be found on my blog:
You can connect with me on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Cheers and congratulations to all participants!

#27.) Lugger

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30characters27 Lugger is a minotaur. Unlike his more vicious brethren, though, he tends to be a lazy beast. He’s mostly content to lounge around in the center of his Labyrinth smoking his cigarettes and watching T.V. all day. In fact, most people are more likely to be killed by Lugger’s Labyrinth then they are to killed by Lugger himself.

#26.) Delilah the Dust Fairy

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30characters26 Delilah’s job in the fairy world is to spread dust to wherever it is needed. She is often annoyed that most people don’t appreciate her art of dust spreading.

#25.) Albert Albertson

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30characters25 Most people, upon hearing Albert Albertson’s name, laugh at how silly his name sounds. When they meet Albert face-to-face, though, the humor surrounding his name quickly becomes a non-issue.

#24.) The Business Lich

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30characters24 Grigoroff the Great and Terrible was a powerful sorcerer who had turned himself into a lich for the sake of immortality. Unfortunately with the advancement in technology over the years, Griforoff found that his power in arcane magic became less and less relevant in the modern world. He eventually resigned himself to being an accountant. He’s now known as Greg the Business Lich.

#23.) Minnow & Jiblet

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30characters23Gah! I’ve been caught up in Thanksgiving, Black Friday, doctor’s appointments and other art projects, so I’ve kind of lost track of this past week.

Anyway, Caleb “Minnow” Jimms is the son of renowned biologist George Caleb Jimms II.His best friend is a panther named Jiblet, who was rescued as a cub and hand-raised by George. The two often venture into the jungle and fight the evils of poaching.

30- Dumptruck

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30- Dumptruck

29- U-Skannit Unit

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29- USkannit