#07 – Eckhart Cayce

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07 - Eckhart Cayce

For every twit that stumbles around in the dark with an infrared camera hoping for indeterminate signs from spooks, there is usually an equally dense person standing off to the side, index and middle finger pushed to their temple, explaining in a solemn voice that the dead resent being filmed. For “Dirk,” that man is Eckhard Cayce, self-proclaimed psychic and seer to the stars. In actual practice, he’s about as psychic as a two-by-four, and one of the most truly obnoxious people you could hope to meet.

A great lover of the sound of his own voice, Eckhard Cayce is, you may have guessed, also working under a pseudonym. Named for two of the most famous psychics, Mr. Cayce is driven by an intense desire to be the smartest man in the room. He’ll be the first to correct any error, no matter how small (“I think you’ll find that is a crocodile, not an alligator. Do try to keep up.”), and the last to admit any fault on his own part. The only reason nobody’s strangled him yet is that his hunger for acknowledgement aligns perfectly with Dirk’s, making them an inseparable and truly annoying pair.

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