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Day 03: Brother Baker

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Brother Baker

Brother Baker is some South-Western Cult leader. I wanted to put rhinestones on his suit, but I didn’t feel like drawing em, kinda lazy today.


2013 Day 3–Incontiguous

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#3 – Road

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Road is just your average bodybuilder who works as a part-time sales clerk.


I gotta get better colored pencils…

Day 3 – Two Eyed Cyclops

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day 3 - 2 eyed cyclops FINAL

This idea woke me up in the middle of the night. At first I was just thinking, “Cyclops” in the traditional sense but then the title popped into sharp focus. The extra head idea was too fun to pass up as was the necklace of skulls. I almost did a Jack the Giant Slayer figure with a cow running away but liked the idea of a knight about to get squashed because his faithful steed bolted and ran.

#1 – Mordwind

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#3 – Nessa

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nessa day 3


(Wrist still hurts from yesterday so today’s sketch wasn’t as good either.)

#03.) Glibnara

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30characters3 Glibnara is a goblin (or gobliness, if you want to be polite). She is considered to be very attractive by the standards of her fellow goblins. Unfortunately she is not too bright. She has the mentality of a particularly savage 5-year-old and has great difficulty understanding abstract concepts. She especially fears music, which she thinks is some sort of ear magic.

Day 3: The Pawn

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30char003The Pawn is kinda sad. He thinks he’s a real baddy, but he’s just a pawn, like his name suggests.


Maneki Neko

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Day3-Maneki Neko-01-01

My Milky Baby

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skull model

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Character 3: Natalia Knuckles

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Natalia Knuckles is a hardened enforcer for the mafia. She has a strong affinity toward sweatpants.

Poornima Gadhavi

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Poornima Gadhavi Character 3

Day3 – Deloris

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Deloris is a skilled warrior and guardian of the local area.  She travels around righting wrongs and arbitrating conflicts.  She often has run ins with Loraine and Rianna and tries to reform their mischievous ways.  Try usually end up tricking her or making fun of her.  Deloris always believes they can be reformed and never takes their ribbing to seriously.





No #3 Frank Raabirck

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Se more of my work HERE!


#03 – “Dirk Hunter”

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03 - Dirk Hunter

With the increase in paranormal activity, the city has seen an influx of people who are, for their own reasons, interested in making contact with the dead. Some want proof of an afterlife, others come to have their beliefs validated, and some, like “Dirk” here, are in it for the machismo. And the money, of course.

Host of his own show on cable TV, Dirk’s contribution to the culture of prime time is a televised tour through abandoned buildings, where every blurry rat and mote of dust is evidence of the angry undead. For some people, seeking out the restless spirits of the dead might seem somewhat unhinged, but for Dirk Hunter — not his real name, of course — it’s a chance to prove your manhood, and on national TV no less.

Wu 03: Matthias Dex

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Matthias Dex is a veteran office warrior. At age of 29, he has survived through the day when the Coffee Machine broke and the Second Great Rubberband War (in which 28 people lost their lives). He is now commanding a small IT-group which specialized in quick and effective results in small timeframe.

#3 Belly Dancer Moira

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2013 Day 03

Day 3: Miss Bombastic

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No #03 Ruben Kaae

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No #07


Leader of the Resistance

#2 RoboHobo

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Day 2 In the future there is still no safety from falling into destitution, even if you’re a robot.  Once top of the line units, most  have been phased out over the years for newer more efficient models.  With new parts no longer being produced, these old robots quickly fall into disrepair and disuse.  While most are sent for recycling a few wind up on the streets trying to maintain functions on what little they can come by.

#3 – Moldy Locks

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Moldy Locks. Nothing is EVER “just right.” – mike r. baker

Day 3 – bioSona

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As a new service robot, bio  is a revolutionary creation. Since the first model of bio technology, scientists have failed to code Human DNA into robots. But Sona, as the 7th model, has successfully been created with the capability to understand human emotion. She can even replicate and show it. Although the scientists believe this to be a simple coding mechanism that could easily be removed if they pleased, some believe that this capability of emotion may be making the line between what is natural and what is mechanical quite indistinct.

#03 – Lord Resbow

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03-Lord Resbow

When the supposed “King” failed to rid the Kingdom of the travelers from another world and properly take care of the Princess… it was time for Lord Resbow to step up and show them how it’s done.

My “homage” to the villains of side-scroll games of old.  They just don’t make them like they use to. :/

03: Caller Es’taleth

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Joyce Ann Martin - 03: Caller Es'taleth

He has quite a lot of friends that he can ask when he needs a bit of help.

#3 John Horatio Smith

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This is John Horatio Smith. People like him being around as he has “An old fashioned face” and he looks like he could handle himself in a fight. No one has found out if that is true. Considering how people react to his look, he changed his middle name so they wouldn’t be disappointed by his common name. No one has noticed that he doesn’t actually age.

#3 Blind Justice

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Blind Justice was a spy retired after being blinded in a raid on a chemical weapons lab. After finding she could hit any target without her eyes, she went out to punish those who create deadly chemicals!


Character 3: Cow Skull

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Character 003

Catching up!

#3 – Plyron Accaf

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03 FilmPirate

Plyron Accaf is a member of the Ordati – a minor species in the Galaxy in terms of political power, but thanks to Plyron Accaf, a very wealthy one. They are an androgynous species whose don’t specifically have individual names in the human sense – Plyron is the house name (a house only established a few generations ago) while “Accaf” represents the specific place in the house, with each letter representing to which child they are.

Plyron Accaf however has not made himself and his house wealthy, but his entire species – his secret? He sits in his ship in near earth orbit and intercepts all earth broadcasts and acquires DVDs.  He then duplicates films and television and sells it to the intergalactic market who lap up these products that are still exotic to galactic audiences and cost him nothing to produce.  Earth Security forces are well aware of this, but to they feel it would be far too much effort to inform all the copyright holders, and have to deal with potentially centuries of litigation and costs in the trillions – what they don’t know can’t hurt them.



Day 3: Abigail Horn the Whale Unicorn

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#03 Abigail Horn the Whale Unicorn
You know, to be completely honest… I have no idea how this one came to be. Neither do I know any others but they’re all animals. Perhaps that’s the overall theme to this years 30 Characters Challenge. Just a bunch of goofy colored animals…Must…be…more…creative x)