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#3 Eugene Bennett

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Eugene, for most of his life has been the resident outcast & trouble maker. Or at least labeled as such.

As the small town of New Effin started turning on the out of town reporters, they found an unlikely ally in Eugene.

Will the veteran reporters & rowdy teenager be able to put their differences aside for long enough to get to the bottom the mysterious happenings?

Challenge Day #2 – Ichiro Higama

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Ichiro Higama

A dark swordsman from our present day. He seeks to rid the world of evildoers that threaten to conquer Earth. With the power of a sword, so sharp, he can cut through just about anything in his path.

#2 – Marina Sparks

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marina day 2

2013 Day 2–Platten

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Day 2 – Damjan Brandt

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Damjas Brandt


Damjan Brandt is a mercenary, born to the Queen of his own country and the prince of a neighboring country. He knows nothing of his origins, and neither does the King. They know only that the Queen likes to keep a watchful eye on him. Damjan is sometimes called upon when absolute subtlety is needed to get an issue “resolved”, thought the royals are reluctant to use him. Damjan lives in a small apartment on the outskirts of town and jobs seem to find him, rather than the other way around.

#1 #2 Beatrice Baker and Herbert Wright

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Both Beatrice and Herbert are seasoned reporters, with a decent amount of experience under their respective belts.

They came to the small town of New Effin under the pretense of reporting on the celebration the 75th anniversary of the founding of the town.

But then, something happened. It started small. Automobiles, radios, telephones & telegraphs started malfunctioning, and eventually stopped working. Even though no one could find anything wrong with any of the components.

As people of the small town started getting more and more paranoid, Beatrice & Herbert found themselves the target of increasingly severe accusations.

What happened? Who’s behind this? Will they be able to figure things out in time?

#02.) Professor Sullivan Higgbottom

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Haven’t really thought of a description for this guy. Kept it pretty simple tonight, as I’ve been pretty sick.


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No#2 Frank Raabirck

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For more stuff follow me here..

day 2

No #02

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The Resistance #02


Part of the Resistance

Day 2: Oil Change

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Earl Viskus was working in the R&D division of an automotive supply chain, when he accidentally stumbled on the secret of alchemy, or a portion of it. With the ability to transmute dirty oil in to water, he could have gone down the path of a successful entrepreneur with the cleanest automobile maintenance service imaginable. Driven mad by the specific limitation of his discovery, he instead became a villain, obsessed with learning more transmutations, stealing to fund his research, and never succeeding beyond his first fluke….

Day2 – Rianna

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Rianna is Loraine‘s Sister, and the more agile of the two.  She’s a bit more demented then her sister and hangs out with Orcs and other unsavory characters.  She is a whirlwind of death with two daggers in her hands, but she can fight with any weapon or none at all.  She is quick and athletic, making her a hard target to hit.  Although she may seem evil at times, she is a good person at heart and has a strong ethical code which she lives by.




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iron cyclops

#2 Homonculeye

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The Homonculeye is a magical espionage tool of the grossest variety; through it a practitioner can remove their own eye, sending it on its way to places that they can not physically reach and via the dark magics see all that it can see.

E02: Agatha

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Day 2, another black and white one due to the weather still being awful here and it really messes with my head when it can’t make up its mind. I might just do each day in black and white though and colour them once the challenge is over, it certainly is less time consuming.

#2 – East 5th and Morgan Park

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02 - Dead Temp Worker

The flood hit unexpectedly and early in the morning, as a dam upriver failed catastrophically. As a result, a great number of the dead are completely unaware of their own fatality. Given that it is in the nature of ghosts to repeat the last task they were given, a fair number of spirits are still winding their way restlessly through the city looking for their former workplaces.

“East 5th and Morgan Park” is the name given to a frequent inhabitant of Edwin Michigan’s taxicab. Though Mr. Michigan does his best to find ways to satisfy the dead, this spectral young lady lacks the energy to make it all the way to her destination. Every evening at East 3rd and Morgan, she simply fades out of existence.

Khalid Hasine

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Khalid Hasine Character 2

Day 2: Newton The Anxious Adventure Newt

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Day 2: Ball of Energy

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Hyper active Johnny was always referred to as a ball of energy. Little did people know that he truly was.

#2 Sarah, The Bounty Hunter

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#2 – Pebble Pisser

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No one in the forest can stand the Pebble Pisser. Who could blame them? He smells, he curses, and he saunters around the forest floor just pissing on everything. But if it weren’t for him, the forest would be a dead and rotten tinderbox. No pretty flowers, no lush canopy. Just worms and ticks.

At least that’s what he likes to tell everyone. As, you know, he urinates on everything…

Day 1: The Chicken You Would Not Eat

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JFKDay1_13Character Concept by Josie Character Design by Jesse Kiefer

Okay this character was the result of a conversation my good friend had with his daughter… she told me “I’ll let you draw that!” I took it to be a challenge… so I did.


Dad: Josie, if chickens had heads that looked like a worm’s head would you still eat it?

Josie: No way! But I can think of something even worse?

Dad: What’s that?

Josie: What if chickens that had heads that were screaming, bloodthirsty clown heads? Would you still eat them dad?

Dad: Nope, I’d be too busy peeing my pants and I’m guessing petting zoos wouldn’t be very popular.


Dad: Josie

Josie: Yes dad?

Dad: You win.

#2 Queen of Darkness

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2013 Day 02

Wu 02: Jacob Rickets

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Jacob Rickets


Jacob Rickets was born into a prosperous family and studied in equally as prosperous university and graduated as an electrical engineer. His intelligence is off the charts and is a member of Mensa. He helps people by tweaking things to be more efficent. He almost never builds things from ground up, rather he will take an existing solution and tweak it. His tweaking usually gets out of hand and the results become something entirely different.

Not a superhero on his own, but uses his tweaks to aid other superheros by utilizing his skillset. He works in his own shop called “Rickety Jake’s That Joke Is Old”. He doesn’t affiliate himself with any of his clients, but rather enjoys tweaking the crap the hero’s own ‘engineers’ have put together.

Despite his initial appearance, he is very welcoming and considers himself to be an ambivert.

#02 – “Tiny”

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Tyrell “Tiny” Jones was a bouncer a Vegas, a boxer, and a MMA fighter.  His life was relatively golden… until some assassins from Thailand kidnapped his fiance, Feilynn.  Now Tiny is on a mission.  He won’t stop for nothing.

1: Jed Wu

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Bit late on my #1 entry as it took a while to get my confirmation email.


My first entry is Jed Wu the beastman. He’s got a bit of a temper and soft snowy fur that protects him from injury. He’s so soft and fluffy~
A fact about Jed Wu:
He likes sweets.

H2O, Oh No!

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Thanks Tori for the inspiration

Thanks Tori for the inspiration

I think I have a direction for creating characters for the entire month. I have been on this whole mash-up trip, and I think I’m going to create subjects based on my favorite abilities, as featured in classic media. Here I looked to the ocean, and thought of characters like Namor, Nemo, and Aquaman. The boy has a deformed arm and hides it under a net that washed up on shore. The story goes that as he went to pick it out of the water, a dying shark leaped out of the ocean and bit off his other arm. His father, a fisherman, built him a replacement arm from found wreckage of ships.  The boy grows to despise the ocean, and desires to use it and it’s powers to make the world suffer as he has. Only in his struggles does he find that his true mother is a mermaid.

02: Jeane Muretta, Alchemist Extraordinaire

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Joyce Ann Martin - 02: Jeane Muretta, Alchemist Extraordinaire

Every gal needs some way to defend herself when the terrors of the West come a-calling.

Day 2 Baby Kitty

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Baby Kitty A

Baby Kitty A

2013 Post#2 — Rat Ninjas

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Wilcox Post #2 — Rat Ninjas. Rat Ninjas are apart of a cartoon series I call Foxy and the Toon Agents. This a Saturday-morning-cartoons meets a James Bond-super spy kind of an idea. Needless to say, a herd of cartoon rats( as ninjas) would make for fine villains for the series.

Most of the main characters I created last year, and so I’m just throwing in a couple characters I didn’t get a chance to present up till now.

For the newbie participants in our art challenge: how do you create 30 characters in 30 days? Well, beside being a natural for creating this kind of art project, what I do is create a series of characters. That is, a person can create a whole world of characters as if you were creating a novel, a movie, or a TV show. You wouldn’t just have one character for the above, you would create a whole cast of characters to play out the story/stories.

I mentioned Foxy and the Toon Agents above. In that, I have the lead of the series, Foxy, as a cartoon fox with James Bond abilities(he gets by with his imagination, cunning, and stealthy quickness). Foxy’s big boss at the Toon Agents is Ursa(she’s a real bear to work for). Then there’s Miss Kitty, a Persian cat fem fatale; and Lester, a mouse who thinks enthusiasm and active effort are a replacement for knowledge and experience. And, of course, the villains — Professor Lobo(a mad scientist type) and Agent X(a shadowy figure that uses hulking strength and terror to finish his missions). Take the number of characters I just mentioned and the Rat Ninjas, and that’ll adds up to seven characters. Plus, if you run out ideas for characters in one series, then you can also create other series to help out.

Hope everyone here has a great time with the art challenge. I know I will.RatNinjas