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#6 Det

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Here’s a cool guy Det who’s part of this vicious race called the Ha’arthians who live on Arth.  Their society’s similar to Sparta’s but they’re pretty advanced in the ways of technology.  Even then, all Ha’arthian soldiers are fitted with basically a swiss army glove and armor, so both can expand, contract, and change properties depending on the warrior.  Det’s just a pretty basic guy.

Ha'arthian bro det copy


06: Cerise Smallgear

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Joyce Ann Martin - 06: Cerise Smallgear


Lacking diamonds, a mechanical bird is a good substitute for a girl’s best friend.

#6 – Nunchuck Weilding Girl

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This young girl (about 14 years old) found some nunchucks on the floor and decided to start practicing using them.  It is unknown what path she will take.  She doesn’t even know where the nunchucks came from, but she’s willing to do whatever it takes to take care of them until she finds the owner.

Day 6: Biscuit Bigby

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Day 6: Houndmaster Torstein

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Day 6: Rabiux, Avatar of Road Rage

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Avatars wander the world of New Gaias. Conflict plagues the peoples of the land. Some are angered over betrayal, others over loss of money or property. But woe to those who succumb to the worst rage of all, ROAD RAGE.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


Day 5: Svicus, Avatar of Deceptive Cute Looks

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Avatars wander the world of New Gaias. Chaos follows Svicus wherever he goes. Chaos and destruction and discord. But he is just so darn cute, how can anyone be mad at him?

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.


Day 4: Dacemos, Avatar of Inner Peace

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Avatars wander the world of New Gaias. Dacemos is often found sipping coffee, ale, or a sweet Arnold Palmer, and reflecting on how everyone just needs to chill out.

In the world of New Gaius, creatures from the Grey have invaded, and humans are a dwindling species. Beings of magic and myth have manifested to protect and integrate with the last survivors. But still, the fate of humanity is uncertain in this strange, beautiful new world.



Day 6 – Greater Horned Xexel

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day 6 - Great Horned Xexel


Sentient aquatic species on unnamed planet in the Sirius star system. Approximately 2 meters long. Hunts and communicates through sonic pulses. Documented briefly during the unmanned Werner’s Expedition of 2115 as several of the creatures attempted to interact and communicate with the probe. Not to be confused with the smaller, less colorful subspecies with which the Greater Xexel seems to have a symbiotic relationship.

Character 6: Albino Gangster

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Character 006

An albino gangster…

Fred 05: Shanie Nona

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Shanie’s job is to build giant robots, specifically the brains. She very good at it. Her employers’ dress code is formal, hence the tie.


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#4 Rocket Billy Mechanized ExoSuit Mk. “Deuce

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#4 Rocket Billy Mechanized ExoSuit Mk.

The Naval ExoSuit Defense Squadron has had a long (albeit mostly secret) career. Fending off alien invasion forces & stomping evil machinations developed by evil scientists, their three-story-tall battle mechs were often the first & last line of defense since the end of World War II. But in this day & age of cutbacks & fiscal belt-tightening, there was just no way the US Government could feasibly foot the titanic cost alone. Enter the “edgy organic fast food” chain Rocket Burger (a subsidiary of the Scrimm Group). After ponying up 150% of the squad’s annual operation budget, the company was now calling the shots. The last three remaining Mk I ExoSuits were given new Rocket Burger paint jobs, with the corporate mascot, Rocket Billy & his trusty jet pack emblazoned on their carbon fiber chestplates. Veteran pilot Lt. Chance Murphy couldn’t help but feel like a complete shill. But at least he was still piloting.

And then Jakarta happened. Members of the squad still don’t like talking about the incident, or the hellish volcano beasts from deep with in the Earth’s Mantle that they had to face that day. In the end, Chance was the last pilot standing (with one KIA, while the other, struggling with a severe case of PTSD, may never be mentally able to pilot again), his ExoSuit torn limb from limb.  Though the day was barely saved, the future of the squad once again looked uncertain. That was until Rocket Burger came back with another, bigger check.

Using whatever scraps they could, the crew combined the working elements of the three demolished suits into a single, new & improved unit, all tucked into a Rocket Burger-approved chassis. “Rocket Billy,” standing at roughly 18ft & shaped to the exact proportions, is the spitting, robotic visage of the fast food chain’s mascot. Equipped with two rockets made from the parts of old Titan warheads, he can even fly through use of his working jetpack. Carrying a concealed weapons payload tucked away in various parts of his body, Rocket Billy can tackle pretty much any threat quite handily. But the atomic rays tucked into his each palms are usually enough. The execs have taken to calling him the Mk. Deuce, as a matter of cross promotion synergy after the Deuce, Rocket Burger’s special variant of the double cheeseburger.

But, at the end of the day, Lt. Chance Murphy, the last remaining exopilot, didn’t sign up to play the role of corporate mascot. Jaded by having to fly the world over, opening a brand new Rocket Burger location almost daily, he feels like he’s gone from shill to complete corporate goon. “At least you’re still piloting. At least you’re still piloting.” He mantras, before hitting the coupon cannon that fires a shower of buy one, get one free vouchers to a greedy, overly-enthusiastic crowd. He bides his time until the next global threat.


I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of how corporations would operate in a superhero comic world, so that’s where the kernel of this idea started. Endorsing superheroes & funding things like this just as a means of advertising & promotion doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. I mean they’ll rename historic sports stadiums like it’s nothing. I think the look came from the continuity of the Big Guy & Rusty cartoon & the idea of combining the two. Ultimately, I think I opted too rockabilly hipster versus atomic age robot. Figured he’d be scuffed up & battle damaged some too from previous scuffles, but I might’ve over done it. The flight crew member is there just to give an idea of scale. I like how the tailcode came out. Figured it would probably have to have something like that.

More soon. Getting really good feedback & a lot of kind words. I really appreciate it!

#06 – Mala Almasi

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06 - Mala Almasi

No two people react the same way to stress. For some, an impending deadline is a reason to buckle down and dig in, while for others, it’s a reason to give up. Likewise, the pressure that a city full of the wandering dead exerts affects the humans who still live in it in different ways. For Edwin, the dead are a burden, a stack of paperwork to be slowly ground through. For his dispatcher, however, the dead are an enigma to solve, a series of intriguing riddles that demand untangling.

Mala Almasi is an enthusiastic, inquisitive young lady with a voracious intellect. Though Edwin does a great deal of the footwork in tracking down the families of the dead that stumble into his cab, it’s usually Mala that solves whatever mysteries they bring with them. Though he sometimes bristles at her energetic nature, Mala is usually the one to push Edwin forward when he gets stuck. Though they frequently get on each other’s nerves, they make an effective and efficient team.

#2: Auto-Tune

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The secret alter-ego of the villanous Auto-Tune is none other than the saccharine sweet teen celebrity Polly Popp!

The starring role on a long-time children’s television show wasn’t enough for Polly, nor were her teen fashion, make-up, or perfume lines. No, what Polly Popp REALLY wanted to do was be on the radio.

The only problem…she couldn’t carry a tune if it had straps!

After exhausting all possible options, her manager hooked Polly up with a revolutionary new prototype…a sentient auto-tuning device that could turn ANYONE into an amazing singer. Unfortunately, once the device bonded with Polly, it didn’t want to let go.

Now, Auto-Tune is in control…armed with 30,000 watt audio-cannons pumping out vicious, over-produced pop riffs, no one is safe from noise pollution.


Creator’s Note: Auto-Tune was created to be the natural nemesis of Boombox, created by Matt Zolman in a past #30characters challenge.  Sooner or later, she’ll show up in the pages of EPIC! 

No #5 Frank Raabirck

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For more stuff go HERE!


#1 Mister Infinity

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Mister Infinity

Mister Infinity is the by-product of genetic manipulation by a madman scientist who experimented on him as a baby. Bombarding him with a mixture of chemicals and radiation that manifested into superpowers upon reaching puberty.

I like the idea of Mister I also because he has a beard and there just aren’t that many super characters that have beards (D Man, Thor… I can’t think of any others off the top of my head) so whilst he has the traditional super costume he also doesn’t quite fit the normal clean cut image. Also as with any of my characters he drinks coffee and lots of it!!!

No #07 Ruben Kaae

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No #07

Akesan Begs

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Character 6 Akesan Begs

Day 05: Plague Knight

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Plague Knight

Plague Knight: big, giant, gross, knight monster-man.

Day 6- The Shield Bearer

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30 characters  6 shield bearer ready


From the Isle of Avalon, the mysterious Shield Bearer appears during times of battle to stand next to the king offering protection. Armed with two mystic shields, she can deflect hammers, broadswords, missiles, and even cannnon fire! But the shields are not just defensive. Swinging them at foes, these shields of mystic energy are thin- capable of chopping or slicing like any contemporary weapon would be expected to do. When the battle is over, the Shield Bearer disappears as quietly as she first appeared. Rumors have it she was last seen several times across Europe during WWII and is believed to have been captured in the background of a photo that shows her at the door of Winston Churchill’s house on Downing Street. Other reports have her helping a young woman across the Russian wilderness in 1918…

Day 7: “Bubbles”

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#5 Firefighter

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#6 Demon Warrior Issra

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2013 Day 06

#4 Wallace ‘Wally’ Kowalski

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Day 4Famed aquanaut and undersea explorer Wallace ‘Wally’ Kowalski has seen just about everything the ocean has to offer.  He has single-handedly discovered countless shipwrecks and recovered millions of dollars worth of treasures and artifacts.  He is also the pioneer in many underwater technologies and techniques we now take for granted, including saturation diving, rebreathing devices, and the three-toed flipper. Through a series of short films and books in the 1960’s he raised public awareness of the wonders of the ocean with the aid of his friend and fellow oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

During one of their last film projects they were exploring a sunken Spanish galleon  when Wally noticed the wreck lay near an underwater cliff face with what appeared to be rectangular ‘caves’ carved into it.  Thinking it to be a much more interesting find they quickly set off to explore the unusual chambers.  Once inside they found the interior to be massive, geometric in structure and gorgeous, covered in intricate mysterious engravings.  After taking a few quick notes Wally notices a sparkle in the corner as something catches his torch beam.  Once he recovers the object he is astounded to see its a perfectly sealed, air-tight crystalline container holding what looked to be a scroll rolled up inside.  Jacques and Wally  return to the surface, minds reeling from their astounding discovery.  Upon investigation of the artifacts they recovered Wally manages to open the crystal container  and unfurls the almost pristine delicate paper scroll, and is amazed to see it covered in a mysterious  unknown script and an extremely fine and laboriously rendered map of the face of the earth as it appeared epochs ago.  Still visible are the vaguely familiar outlines of the major continents, but peppered throughout are many unknown islands and landmasses, including one gigantic landform in the middle of the Atlantic ocean.   Believing they have found evidence of the fabled lost continent of Mu, Wally quickly convinces Jacques to provide funding, crew, and equipment for him to make the expedition .

Map in hand, Kowalski  sets off a year later with much fanfare and excitement. Keeping in touch along the way via radio, everything was going as planned.  When news of their arrival reaches the mainland the public is on the ends of their seats waiting to hear about the fantastic discoveries that are sure to be pouring in soon.  But when no more transmissions arrive, days turn into weeks and search teams are quickly sent out.  Before long the expedition boat is found floating free in the Atlantic, completely vacant and stripped of any signs of life (no insects even).  Food is found still on plates in the galley as if they were  in the middle of dinner at that moment, more unsettling is the fact that all the radio equipment was ravaged, chords cut and tubes blown out.  It is still a mystery today, theories and conspiracies run rampant  in paranormal circles, the biggest of which being the fact that the map was never found on the abandoned rig, throwing the dark veil back over the enigmatic lost continent.

Day 3 Mysterious Astronaut

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In 2058 while prepping a departing shuttle from Mars base Galifrey, this strange and silent astronaut was discovered standing by the launch pad. He was brought to the main compound and interrogated. He would not remove his helmet. None of the bases personal were able to remove it. He would not respond in any way to questioning. No communication of any kind. The markings and technology of his space suit could not be identified and appeared to be not of any known Earth equipment or materials. He was put in confinement for observation. In the morning he was no longer in the sealed and locked containment cell. No one saw him leave. No cameras or sensors picked up any movement. The containment room never opened during the night according to all sensors. The mysterious Astronaut was never seen again.


#5 The 8th King(s)

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Day 5

Sharing dominion over the 8th World, the Twin Kings are constantly at odds. Originally, they were one, joined as the King Cunctacio, however, the King was plagued so much by the fear of what ramifications a decision made by someone with his powers could cause, that he could never actually come to a decision on anything. One day though, he did make one decision, and he used his power to tear himself in half, so that he might be free from the torture of indecision. From this, the Twin Kings were born, but still indecision plagues the crown, as neither twin can ever agree on anything, and neither wishes to cede to the other. As far their involvement in the politics of the Kings, they are surprisingly aggressive in comparison to their previous unified self, however since they can never join together on an issue, their actual sway amongst the other Kings is relatively low.

Originally, King Cunctacio was amongst the strongest of the 9 Kings, but after his division, each of the twins is now significantly less powerful than any other King.

Number 5: Suzy Succubus

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No #06 Ruben Kaae

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No 06


No #06 Ruben Kaae

#9 – Urtror Ingotson CXII

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While Dwarves are renowned for loving Gold, that is not really entirely fair.  Dwarves are divided into what most closely translates into “Nations” which have very little to do with territory, and are more to do with what product specialty each produces.  To produce a certain product, you must be a member of that particular nation, and a handful while some dwarves may be adopted into certain nations, and all nations trade with each other, producing outside your own nation is one of the worst crimes under Dwarven law, considered effectively similar to breaking international law.  On the occasions when two or more nations need to combine their products to produce a new finished piece, a third “Child Nation” may be created as an intermediary, which individual Dwarves can migrate to if their skills fit. This ends up creating elaborate family trees of Nations, which individual Dwarves can move down (but never up) to take advantage of new products and technologies.

Historically, there have been five Great Nations around which all others circle – Iron, Coal, Stone, Enchantment and, of course Gold.  These five are so core to Dwarvenkind that they even have more influence than ones who provide everyday products such as farmers of Mole-sheep and Brewers of Mead. For obvious reasons, Gold has long remained the richest of all houses by several degrees of magnitude, but has but a single child nation (the Jewellers) compared to the ten or more for the other Great Nations.   They haven’t needed to, after all, they are the ones who mint Dwarven currency.

This may soon change due to the Ingotson family, and specifically Urtror Ingotson CXII, the current head of the house.  For the first time, he wants to create a child nation with the second party not being Dwarves, but human accountants.  The Ingotson has always been considered very strange in that they have always loved Gold the substance rather than the craftsmanship which the rest of the Gold nation loves.  His proposals are to split off with the help of humans and form a Banking Nation. There is good reason for this, while Urtror is notoriously greedy and a hoarder and unlikely to give much in the way of interest, Dwarven vaults are about the single most secure location on the planet, designed to resist any kind of assault be it magical, technological or mundane. The Ingotson Banks particularly are claimed would survive the destruction of the planet.

This new house is broadly feared by many, no human nation has really any ability to affect policy of Dwarves, and Urtror is probably already the richest man on the planet, and his inherited wealth is less than a fifth of that.  He is a cruel and canny business, who by all reports would would happily watch nations burn for an extra 0.1% income…

8 – Black Sparrow

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08Cybernetic copy

Japan, more than any other nation, has gone in for cybernetics in its security forces, and there are many combat enhanced cybernetically enhanced humans in the police, military and paramilitary.  During the 90’s their most successful of these agents has a woman who codename was the “Sparrow”, who boasted not only top of the line prosthetics, but a genuine gift for this kind of work.  In early 2003 she took part in a mission against a cybernetic terrorist cell who were hours away from destroying half of Asia using Biological weapons.  She was successful, and the plot was not only thwarted, but the cell and all its leaders were killed.  Unfortunately, so was she, and while her body was initially recovered, her human brain had taken far too much damage and she was declared dead.

However, her mechanical body was unharmed, and it was stolen from a government facility 2 weeks later during the autospy.  Subsequently, whoever took the body seems to have installed an AI in it, and the body of the hero formerly known as Sparrow is now referred to as Black Sparrow – an incredibly dangerous assassin and terrorist for hire.  No one is clear who took the body, but whoever it was will be dangerous, as they are presumably guarded by effectively one of the most dangerous combatant of recent memory.