#4 Rocket Billy Mechanized ExoSuit Mk. “Deuce

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#4 Rocket Billy Mechanized ExoSuit Mk.

The Naval ExoSuit Defense Squadron has had a long (albeit mostly secret) career. Fending off alien invasion forces & stomping evil machinations developed by evil scientists, their three-story-tall battle mechs were often the first & last line of defense since the end of World War II. But in this day & age of cutbacks & fiscal belt-tightening, there was just no way the US Government could feasibly foot the titanic cost alone. Enter the “edgy organic fast food” chain Rocket Burger (a subsidiary of the Scrimm Group). After ponying up 150% of the squad’s annual operation budget, the company was now calling the shots. The last three remaining Mk I ExoSuits were given new Rocket Burger paint jobs, with the corporate mascot, Rocket Billy & his trusty jet pack emblazoned on their carbon fiber chestplates. Veteran pilot Lt. Chance Murphy couldn’t help but feel like a complete shill. But at least he was still piloting.

And then Jakarta happened. Members of the squad still don’t like talking about the incident, or the hellish volcano beasts from deep with in the Earth’s Mantle that they had to face that day. In the end, Chance was the last pilot standing (with one KIA, while the other, struggling with a severe case of PTSD, may never be mentally able to pilot again), his ExoSuit torn limb from limb.  Though the day was barely saved, the future of the squad once again looked uncertain. That was until Rocket Burger came back with another, bigger check.

Using whatever scraps they could, the crew combined the working elements of the three demolished suits into a single, new & improved unit, all tucked into a Rocket Burger-approved chassis. “Rocket Billy,” standing at roughly 18ft & shaped to the exact proportions, is the spitting, robotic visage of the fast food chain’s mascot. Equipped with two rockets made from the parts of old Titan warheads, he can even fly through use of his working jetpack. Carrying a concealed weapons payload tucked away in various parts of his body, Rocket Billy can tackle pretty much any threat quite handily. But the atomic rays tucked into his each palms are usually enough. The execs have taken to calling him the Mk. Deuce, as a matter of cross promotion synergy after the Deuce, Rocket Burger’s special variant of the double cheeseburger.

But, at the end of the day, Lt. Chance Murphy, the last remaining exopilot, didn’t sign up to play the role of corporate mascot. Jaded by having to fly the world over, opening a brand new Rocket Burger location almost daily, he feels like he’s gone from shill to complete corporate goon. “At least you’re still piloting. At least you’re still piloting.” He mantras, before hitting the coupon cannon that fires a shower of buy one, get one free vouchers to a greedy, overly-enthusiastic crowd. He bides his time until the next global threat.


I’m kind of obsessed with the idea of how corporations would operate in a superhero comic world, so that’s where the kernel of this idea started. Endorsing superheroes & funding things like this just as a means of advertising & promotion doesn’t seem outside the realm of possibility. I mean they’ll rename historic sports stadiums like it’s nothing. I think the look came from the continuity of the Big Guy & Rusty cartoon & the idea of combining the two. Ultimately, I think I opted too rockabilly hipster versus atomic age robot. Figured he’d be scuffed up & battle damaged some too from previous scuffles, but I might’ve over done it. The flight crew member is there just to give an idea of scale. I like how the tailcode came out. Figured it would probably have to have something like that.

More soon. Getting really good feedback & a lot of kind words. I really appreciate it!

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