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Day 7: Norvall

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#7 Shaman

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Something a little different since I don’t normally draw men. This one is a shaman that due to cursing opposing tribes and such had his lips sewn shut and was cursed to act as a guide between worlds. Only to be released when the last generation of the tribes had passed.  Shaman

#7 – Mr. Bad Fashion Knight

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A young knight in his early 20s who hasn’t figured out that he has a very horrible fashion sense.  He may change his hairstyle, beanie, and clothes at any time.

Day 7 – Monsterology: The Gnarz

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day 7 - Gnarz FINAL

The Gnarz is a monster that will devour just about anything but takes particular delight in shredding curtains, lace and upholstery made of fine fabrics.

#8 Jamie the hairdresser

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Day 8 – Jamie the Hairdresser

One of the most popular hairdressers in the city, Jamie is known for having both exceptional skill at the barber chair as well as her bubbly attitude. Neither of which people seem to understand as she’s just a head. But that hasn’t ever stopped her, as she can control her own hair with more dexterity than most people can their own fingers. When asked about how she moves her hair, she says she doesn’t know exactly why or how, that she was just born with it and laughs about how scary it was for her mom in the delivery room.

Just don’t ask her how she poops.

Day 7- Mysterious Prophet

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I did this in honor of Billy Graham’s 95th birthday. I decided to do a character retooled from the Bible and chose the prophet Elijah as the base. This mysterious prophet has some control of Fire and Water, he can communicate with animals and he can run incredibly fast. Despite all these abilities, he doesn’t spend much time fighting crime, but rather visiting the sick and invalid, feeding the needy and publicly exposing false preachers, mediums, and occultists.

Day 1: Julianna

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Julianna is an elf, if you didn’t already realize that by the large and pointed ears. *laughs*
She is a songstress by trade and entertains passerby in the mysterious world of Lazare, a world and comic idea that I’m working on. My intent is to use this 30 character challenge to build up the kinds of characters in Lazare and thus flesh out the world/idea further.
Hope you enjoy. If not, sorry.

P.S.: I blame my perfectionist tendencies for my being so late on posting. I’ve been drawing every day, but this is the only sketch that turned out decent enough to post.

Day 6 – Telunga

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Telunga is a Solder in the King’s army who follows orders and does her best to keep the peace.  She has her own code of honor which can sometimes conflict with the law of the land but she is respected enough to be given some leeway.  She is one of the best sword fighters in the land and it is dangerous to cross her – which Loraine and Rianna do constantly.


Day 5 – Pam

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Pam is Sophia‘s caretaker and guardian.  A strong, no-nonsense woman; she keeps a close eye on Sophia and makes sure she is safe.  She can seem tough and heartless at times but she really cares about Sophia’s well being and will do anything to protect her.




#5 Alanza Pacheco

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Day 5
When Alanza Pacheco was going through her recently deceased mothers dresser,  she came across a jewelry box unlike anything she remembered her mother owning hidden in the back of a drawer.  She tried to open it but the box wouldn’t budge, until she ran her finger over a small disc of metal and the box clicked open to her surprise.  Inside she found a white bracelet wrapped in an opalescent gossamer fabric, she removed the bracelet from it’s delicate surroundings and pondered over it.  Then she noticed on the side of the bracelet another small metal disc similar to the one on the box and after a moment of hesitation she  grazed her finger against it.  With a pop the bracelet snapped open and onto her wrist locking firmly in place.  A feeling of static electricity filled her body, spreading from her stomach to the tips of her fingers, it wasnt until a second later that she noticed her feet were lifted a few centimeters off the ground.

With a gasp her concentration was broken and she fell back onto the pads of her feet.  The odd electric sensation was gone.  Why hadn’t her mother shared this with her before? Maybe with a little practice and determination Alanza can figure out the eccentricities of this odd power bracelet, and maybe with a little digging she can find out just why her mom owned it in the first place.


#07 – Eckhart Cayce

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07 - Eckhart Cayce

For every twit that stumbles around in the dark with an infrared camera hoping for indeterminate signs from spooks, there is usually an equally dense person standing off to the side, index and middle finger pushed to their temple, explaining in a solemn voice that the dead resent being filmed. For “Dirk,” that man is Eckhard Cayce, self-proclaimed psychic and seer to the stars. In actual practice, he’s about as psychic as a two-by-four, and one of the most truly obnoxious people you could hope to meet.

A great lover of the sound of his own voice, Eckhard Cayce is, you may have guessed, also working under a pseudonym. Named for two of the most famous psychics, Mr. Cayce is driven by an intense desire to be the smartest man in the room. He’ll be the first to correct any error, no matter how small (“I think you’ll find that is a crocodile, not an alligator. Do try to keep up.”), and the last to admit any fault on his own part. The only reason nobody’s strangled him yet is that his hunger for acknowledgement aligns perfectly with Dirk’s, making them an inseparable and truly annoying pair.


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No Durian Head Boy

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Day5-No Durian Head Boy-01


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Beb Mifsed

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Character 7 Beb Mifsed

Day 06: Machine Grafter

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Machine Grafter

An alien life form who can graft itself to machinery.

Fred 07: Alemayehu

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Having completed knowledge of the old world, he becomes the new.

Day 7: Skittering Fiend

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Skittering FiendMonster playing piece for my WIP, 3D print-and-play board game, Demonstar.

Day 8 : “Jonah”

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Fred 06: purple Lo

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Lo dances into the night.

Character 4-7

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Haven’t had a chance to upload the last couple of days, so posting 4 at once.


1#: Flower
likes: hurting people
dislikes: criminals


2#: NJD
likes: Victory
dislikes: public humiliation


3#: Competitor #502
likes: Money
dislikes: the trouble he’s in for losing it.

4#: Extrodinary guard Bernald
likes: His medal
dislikes: Other guards who don’t take their duty seriously.

07: Willem Conlan, of the Sky

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Joyce Ann Martin - 07: Willem Conlan


A light and breezy kind of personality.

007 – Nemesis

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This little cheerful gal is not one you would like to get on her bad side.  “Nem”, called by few, loves to change her hair with her many different outfits.

#6 S.Q.U.I.R.T

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#6 Bunch of people

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#7 California Girl

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#7 Secret Shopper

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She always get to the sales first!

Day 6: The Boxicorn

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JFKDay6_13One of my students brought me a picture that looked very similar to this and said that it was a unicorn in a box… I didn’t have the heart to tell her that if this was the case then someone decapitated her unicorn so instead… a box with a unicorn horn… he’s  a little disturbed by the similarity he bears to a decapitated unicorn head in a box…


Day 7: Hermes the Heroic Hercules Beetle

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#07 Hermes the Heroic Hercules Beetle
I love the way these bugs look like, but if I were to actually see one near me, I just might run for the hills… lol Yeah, not the biggest fan of bugs, but I can still carry a great appreciation for them 😛

#6 Greasy Toughguy

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#10 – Dorris Ramsley

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Not necessarily what you’d usually expect in a murderous psychopath for hire, Dorris Ramsley, a pensioner from Ipswich is deemed one of the highest threat assassins on the planet.  This is largely due to the particularly effective combination of powers she was born with – her eyes are devastating weapons, they combine high power laser bolts with x-ray and telescopic vision meaning that she can be miles away with buildings, walls and other things blocking her line of sight (and those who would defend her target) and still take out someone in a single shot.  Fortunately, for the world, her former builder son acts as her manager and is not particularly good at setting up meetings with the kind of people who want people killed.  Generally, they have to track her down themselves if they want her services, and get her to a location through border-control and so on, which isn’t an appeallign prospect for those who wish to keep their dark dealings off the books.