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Day 13 – Quilla

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Quilla is an avid book reader; she’s rarely seen without a book in her hands.  She prefers instructional manuals but will read just about anything.  She rarely talks to people and when she does she keeps her words brief and to the point.  She can seem moody and disinterested in anything but books but will listen to any conversation that deals with facts or historic information.  She might join in the conversation to ask a question or correct an error. It’s hard to get her to reveal what she knows, but a skilled conversationalist might be able to get her to open up.


Day 15: Major Problemz

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Archnemesis of General Motion


#14 – The Death Marine

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This mysterious woman sets out to wreak havoc on the world and kill as many who oppose her as possible.

Fred 13: Moose?

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Pointing to something strange in the distance, I ask:

-“What is that thing?”

-“It’s a moose, innit?” he answers.

-“Mate, I don’t know how you make mooses where you’re from, but you’re doing it WRONG.”

Fred 12: The dreaded ghost of Alphonse Lorens

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Alphonse always dreamed of being a pirate, so when he died at sea and came back as a ghost, he thought ‘yeah, that could work.’

Day 15: Speek

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JFKDay15_13Speek survived the apocalypse. His head is a bullhorn… when he freaks out? It’s loud.


#15 ANY-1

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The ANY-1 is a chameleon droid designed to resemble and mimic a range of people within its basic frame sizing. Designed originally for military use the chemdroids found favour within the corporate espionage world.  Also celebrity chemdroids have been known to open the odd supermarket.


Our house is full of the dreaded flu this week so everything is a little foggy and tissues are piling up around my workspace so I creel admit to having no idea what A.N.Y. stands for – I would appreciate any and all suggestions 😉

Also I’ve fallen a day behind which I should catch up on this weekend.

Damn man-flu.

Templier fantôme

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Fred 11: Aaron

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‘Wait, I can totally explain everything, Totally.’   Aaron has a lot to explain.

#15 – Ted Bacon

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15 - Ted Bacon

The final member of Clair’s team, Mr. Bacon is the only real professional anything in the group; a professional photographer. A naturally sarcastic and taciturn skeptic, his contribution to the team usually comes in the form of terse explanations of photographic artifacts. His lack of interest in the paranormal is offset by the rather large amount of money Clair is paying him, but nothing in the world could offset his sheer lack of people skills.

Day 11 – Rainbow Lizard

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day 11 - rainbow lizard FINAL

The Rainbow Lizard is about 3 feet tall. It has a mesmerizing gaze and iridescent skin that shifts hypnotically through the color spectrum, putting its’ victims into a stupor. It then expels a hallucinogenic/neuroparalyzing toxic compound through its’ tongue and skin that renders the victim inert, allowing the Rainbow Lizard to slowly digest the hapless meal in its’ expandable paunch. There is no known antidote for its’ poisons.


#9 & #10 – Delilah Jones and Ari Ellis

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delilah jones day 9day 10 ari ellis

Day 12 – Gnumanara the Gnome

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Gnumanara the Gnome is a fun loving guy that is more illusionist then magician.  He creates a lot of big, flashy spells that look impressive but don’t do much damage.  He can seem scary if he wants but he’s really a push-over.  He gets in big trouble when he tries to impress the wrong people.



Day 15: Drott

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DrottThe final playing piece for the Raiders from the Far Shores Pocket-Tactics set. Whole set is pictured below and will be available for print-and-play soon.



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Character 15 Ardalia

#12 Gastor

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#12 Gastor


Always hiding under the cloak. Is there a reason?

#15 Emperor Penguin Guard

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Who guards the Emperor Penguins? – They’re very important penguins! (VIP’s)

15: Johnny Anyseed

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Joyce Ann Martin - 15: Johnny Anyseed

Why limit yourself to just apples?

(Named after the achievement in Glitch, the little MMO that could. You are sorely missed!)

#14 Sweater Vest Girl

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#11 Cha and Bo

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#11 Cha&Bo


During a childhood a blood sucking flea is given to the every kid in village. Sometimes results are surprising. Sometimes they are horrific. In this case, it’s both. They make a good tag-team because both of them loves to suck blood.

Day 15 – Morton

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Day 13 – Clay Esmer

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Another player in the same ARG Drew and Jesse play in (see: the previous two days), Clay is the reigning champion, having finished in first place the previous two times he’s played. Both times, he’s done so completely by himself without alliances with other players, which means that teams are often trying to recruit him for one reason or another.
Clay is all about speed- when he’s not dashing around on custom-built skates or working on his motorbike, he’s honing his skills as a parkour traceur. These skills are a contributing factor in why he’s done as well as he has. He’s a nice enough guy, but working well with others does not come easily to him.


#15 Subject D1N4-Go

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Day 15 – Subject D1N4-Go

An experiment of a foolish genetic therapy scientist who didn’t really do all the necessary research, “Dina” was an attempt to give a human similar qualities to a gorilla. With no real focus on a particular species or knowledge of their anatomy, he just tweaked the DNA of this unfortunate woman until it resembled what he though a gorilla/human might look like.

The scientist was thrown out of the evil corporation he worked in for such a fruitless waste of resources. His genetic work, including Dina, was determined to have little more than animal mentality, and was simply dropped into the wild with a microtag so they could track any long term genetic developments.

#4 Tessa

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Although CatBeard treats this tagalong like a pest, he’s learned to appreciate her assistance every now and then.

04- Tessa

2013 Challenge: Day 15:- Max Olotol

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Max Olotol



Despite living almost entirely underwater in a small stream, Max longs to be a lumberjack.

#14.) Mr. Big Paw

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Mr. Big Paw might be a bit rough around the edges, but he’s really not as bad as he seems. The scandalous rumors circulating about him and Little Red Riding Hood are all rubbish. He’s really all Granny’s boy at heart.

# 14 Mouse

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#13 – Bandit

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Why would the resurrected spirit of a wild west bank robber… with a skull for a head… need a mask?

Day 11 – Yanee

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Yanee is an agent for the Knights of Peace, a group who keeps the peace within the kingdom.  She was send to Earth to collect the princess that was left there years before. The scar on her face was a result of fighting off those who would stop her mission.  She is lucky to still be alive but her mission was a success.