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#21 Spirit Overseer

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So here’s the boss of that spirit labor business.  He’s pretty ridiculous looking and seeing as many of the spirits that work for him are just humans with giant animal heads, no one knows if this guy is human under there or not.  He uses telekinesis for a lot of day-to-day activities.

Spirit Overseer

Day 21: Allure

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#21 – Clash Luck the Obnoxious Demon

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Clash Luck is an inhabitant of a realm ruled by demons.  However, unlike most of the demons, who would rather live in solitude, or to fight to ensure the safety of those in need, Clash would rather annoy people, and run around in his underwear.

Day 20 – Greg the Guard

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Greg is a gate guard for the main town center.  He is well respected and feared by law abiding people and criminals for different reasons.  Friendly and charming, he gets along with most people.  A few people suspect he may be taking bribes, but no one has been able to prove anything.



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storm rider

lezard boy

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#20 – Experimental Floating Robot Head

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Someone was having a little too much fun and decided to create one of his own floating robot heads.  He decided to make it look as if it had a beard.

#19 – Otto the Crazy Assassin

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Otto was once a star player in a football team, until he suffered an extreme injury.  He was then taken by a mad science who offered to heal his wounds.  But it backfired, and caused him to go insane.  Now an assassin, he wanders the world looking for easy targets instead of looking for a challenge, or to try to restore his lost glory.

21: Sucré, Dessert Pixie

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Joyce Ann Martin - 21: Sucré, Dessert Pixie

Hands-down the most delicious power in the entire world.

Fred 21: Chidiebere

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We found her sitting at the foot of the mountain, just as the groundskeeper told us we would. She knew who we were, but could hardly care for our problems.  She said if we needed her help to see our destiny, we were on the wrong path. “If there was a really big boulder in your path, or if you were attacked by an elephant, then perhaps I could help you. Nothing good could come of knowing your future.”

We all agreed that she was the most useless oracle EVER.

The Horror Guy

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Day21-The Horror Guy-01

Fred 20: Bellati, the beautiful queen of the fairies

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I have nothing to add.

No #16 Frank Raabirck

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For more stuff go HERE!


#6 Captain Lynn Airblade

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06- CaptainAirblade

Fred 19: Mario

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Mario is now facing you with his trusty brass knuckles. “You done fucked up this time”, he says, “you think you can get away with our secrets like that? You think you’re untouchable? I can find ten trannies better suited for the job just by throwing a rock in the street!” And then he suddenly moves in to strike you. What do you do?

  • If you try to fight him head-on, go to 68;
  • If you attempt to run away, go to 230;
  • If you think blackmail can still reason him, go to 85;
  • If you want to remind him that really, being a transvestite has nothing to do with the job, go to 141

#5 The Discourager

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05- TheDiscourager

No #19 Ruben Kaae

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No #19 Ruben Kaae

Fred 18: Johana Pitt

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Mayor Pitt’s strong rule has managed to keep the town safe from the marauders for the last twenty years. I’m affraid to think where we’d be without her…

Day 15 – Lumberjack Bear

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day 15 LB RFGrizzly McAlister, lumberjack for hire.

Fred 17: David Lachance

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You start shaving in a hurry, cursing yourself for always pushing things to the last minute. One day that bad habit will be the death of you. The phone rings: It’s Mario… That day may have already come. Mario is angry, he asks you why you’re not there already…

  • If you want to lie to Mario, go to 45;
  • If you want to tell Mario to suck a dick, you’ll be there when you’ll be there, go to 130;
  • If you want to tell Mario the whole story, go to 8;
  • If you want to drop the phone in the sink, go to 20;

Fred 16: Kitty Fashion

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Kitty Fashion’s new line of kitty fashion came out to mixed reactions from the critics.

019 – Greg Walter Robbins

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The half-angel, half-human child of Gregory and Serenitatem, he is the new assigned guardian of the region.  His angelic facial are similar to his mothers and also are his feathers.  He’s a tutor to the Demon Brothers and a good friend to Henry (they’re also in the same grade.)

#21 – Louie Leprechaun

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Louie Leprechaun

You ever think what a crappy gig it is to be a leprechaun?  I mean… you sit at the end of a rainbow… guarding a pot of gold.  Why?  For what purpose?  You’re not gonna give it to somebody if they come along… so you just sit there… waiting… for… death?  That’s a crappy deal… just ask Louie Leprechaun how crappy that is… He’ll let you know.

018 – Gregory William Robbins

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Gregory’s an owner to a local pub.  His father passed it on to him after he retired many years ago.  His grey hairs are due to a hereditary trait of early greying.  He met Serenitatem, his wife, after a near death experience where she accidentally revealed herself as his guardian angel.  Though they’re working in separate realms, the two maintain their relationship and support their son.

20: Jimmy “Buzz” Lewis

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Joyce Ann Martin - 20: Jimmy "Buzz" Lewis

He just knows we’ll go back to the moon and beyond some day, and when we do, he is going to be ready.

Day 16 – BADASS

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Mike Jacobson

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Character 21 Mike Jacobson

Day 14 – Rooster Cogsworth

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day 14  - Rooster Cogsworth FINAL LOGO

Marshall Rooster Cogsworth aka RoboRooster, the only law on planet C.R.U.D. in the Omega Meta Gamma cluster. Injured in the Great War, as a soldier of fortune he turned to a law abiding gunslinger after his robotic makeover made him see red anytime injustice reared its’ foxy head. C.R.U.D. is a dry and desolate planet full of mutant outlaws, thieves and villains as they and honest citizens vie to claim and mine the elusive, mysterious and possibly living crystalline C.R.U.D., the only substance in the known galaxy that can convert common rocks into gold. Cogsworth and his misfit army are the only stopgap of chaos and lawlessness on C.R.U.D.

#21 Doctor Cog

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Mad Doctor who experiments on himself, reports and invents for his boss!

Day 18 Dog Gone!

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30 char dog gone


No one knows how Charley the dog learned to turn invisible, but ever since he first did it, he has relished every moment of his visual anonymity. As Dog Gone, he has been able to pilfer all sorts of dog delicacies- steaks, sausages, hot dogs and the freshest restaurant trash! He has also become the living nightmare of EVERY cat within 15 blocks of his dog house, terrorizing them with invisible barks and unseen (but very much felt) paw swipes. Dog Gone’s fellow canines and friends appreciate his new talents as he has made their lives easier in getting treats and in chasing cats.

Day 19 – Mary

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Mary is small for her age and is often mistaken for a child.  She doesn’t like this but sometimes uses this to her advantage.  She works as a nanny and enjoys playing with children.  Kids love her as well since she is the same size as them.