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Day 11: Fish Head

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Advocator – Day 6

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A fighter for justice and fairness in a world where neither seem to matter any longer.



Day 10 – The Mooncalf

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day 10 - Mooncalf FINAL

Mooncalf:  an idle daydreamer, fool or dolt from around 1555 England. I latched onto the expression from the W.C. Field movie “The Bank Dick” (1940) and decided to explore the word in this form. “Cows in Space” coming soon!!!

#11 – Amy

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11 - Amy

A developing interest in the paranormal has always been a good excuse for teenagers to re-invent themselves, and when a freak flood wipes out half of your city, it shouldn’t be a shock that interest in the dead increases.

For Amy, though, things are a little different. The disaster left her so incomprehensibly angry that a simple reinvention wasn’t nearly enough. With the infinite bloody-mindedness of a teenager, Amy searches for a way to trap the dead. Though many people came to the city hoping to find ghostly evidence, none of them have her determination and simple stubbornness. The only question is what happens when she succeeds.

Day 11: Noodle Mac!

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JFKDay11_13Noodle Mac! He’s a talking noodle…. He’s pretty annoying.



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me&Dad 1

#11.) Little Lizzie

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30characters11 Little Lizzie is the ghost of an 8-year-old girl who had sadly died of consumption. She’s rather playful when other people aren’t around, but becomes very shy around the living. She only appears to those she can feel that she can really trust, mostly to mothers and/or motherly types.

2013 Post# 10 & 11 — TJ and the Avatar of Mars

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Wilcox Post# 10 & 11 — TJ and the Avatar of Mars

This a combination manga/anime style with a boys adventure book. As a matter of fact, I’ve come up with five different “cover designs” for a series of stories based around the TJ character: TJ and the Clockwork Citadel;  TJ and the Silver Pegasus; TJ and the Puzzle of Lemuria, and so on. I’ll have to try the other covers after the Challenge; I don’t think I have a handle on the old school manga art style (not as much as I’d like).



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011 – Mr. Liam and Spes

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This is the big boss of the Underworld, who for now goes under the name, Mr. Liam.  Time to time, he takes care of Spes (similar to Ouji and Ringo from Casshern Sins).  She never shows up at the office and only communicates with Mr. Liam.

Day 10- Unicorn Lad and Centaur Boy

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uni lad centboy


Just a couple of mythical kids who don’t always get along, but are still the best of friends.

Day 11: Berserker

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BerserkerAnother model in my viking series… ship can be seen in the background, though that’s not really a “character” per se, so I won’t be posting it.


#7 Mad Gentleman Monkey

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I was just doodling in the software and this is what happened. I think it came out like a monkey version of the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. Maybe the clock is to remind me that this is a 30 day challenge and I’ve got to work more on it!

#6 Girafficus Elasticus

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He has a neck made of elastic!

Day 12: “Runner”

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Day #9 Guitar playing turkey

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#5: Papa Doc’s Zombie

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This unfortunate individual is the zombie bodyguard of the Haitian gangster Papa Doc (day 4). He’s not your decaying brain eating variety like in The Walking Dead, but the more traditional type of Haitian and African legend. His real name is unknown but some say he was a client of Doc’s who was unable to repay his loan.

#4: Papa Doc

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Papa Doc is a Haitian Bokor or sorcerer what some would call a witch doctor. Since his arrival in Alternative City he’s made a name for himself in the underworld as a loan shark and as someone you would go to if you wanted an enemy “taken care of”. Despite his small stature Papa Doc is feared by most people in the community. Partly because of superstition and partly because he usually travels with a seven foot zombie that he created, and no one wants to end up like that poor doomed soul.

#11 Female Firefighter

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#6 7 & 8 – Ernest Judge, Amy Irving, Elise Von Rose

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ernest judge day 6amy irving day 7elise von rose day 8


Fell quite a bit behind, playing a bit of catchup. Character’s 6 7 and 8. I’ve recently finished up the latest Phoenix Wright which I think had an influence on my suited fella. Possibly also the fact that I recently finished Broadchurch as well. The two ladies are witnesses to a crime (or suspects, who knows).

#3 – Fleet Navigator Tyla Garvet

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Tyla Garvet is the 15th person to ascend to the role of Fleet Navigator.  When the fleet of world-ships left Sol centuries ago, seeking new worlds and new adventures, the role of Ship and Fleet Navigators had been little more than their Earthbound equivalent: charting a course and avoiding dangers.  Since then, it has evolved to the point that Navigators are like monarchs, with near-total authority over the ships and people they guide.  Even the Ship-Captains bow to them.

Tyla’s tenure as Fleet Navigator should have been one of excitement and joy, as the fleet entered a new system, and prepared to seed a new colony for humanity.  But others have entered the system as well – the insectoid Hrenl, whose hive-ships have begun to colonize the asteroids, and they do not wish to share this system with another.

The people of the world-ships look to Tyla to lead them safely.  Now, she must lead them to war.

(Fell behind these past few days, partly due to having to get my eyeglasses replaced and partly due to a family… problem.  We’ll see how well I can catch up in the days ahead.)

11: Phineas

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Joyce Ann Martin - 11: Phineas


He’s a mer-MAN, Pa, a mer-MAN.

#10 – Fraelyn

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The Fraelyn are a species of bat like creatures… they lack  feet or finger-like digits like bats… so they make use of the elongated tongue to grab things or to hang from perches whilst not using their wings…

#11 Captain Brite of the Rainbow Corps

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Day-11-Captain Brite


In the far future, in space a advanced civilization are finally getting some of our TV signals while planning their own intergalatic peace force. They use our signals as inspiration for their new corps.

Shame they recieved kids TV….

#4 Goliath

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Huge muscles combined with natural urge to smash things makes Goliath natural-born-smasher.

I tried to do this piece without the line work. Still need a lot of practice how to paint digitally.

#10 Vintage Fire Chief

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Day 11 Fun

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Nos. 05 and 06: Penny Dreadnought and The Unhappy Man

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IMG_002 IMG_002

Two more entries in the 30 Characters challenge. I’ve decided to make all of these characters available for use via Creative Common, if there’s a Penny Dreadnought story you’re just dying to tell…

Creative Commons License

30 Characters Universe by Calamity Jon Morris is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

#11 Sister Arabella

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Day 11 – Sister Arabella

without armor:

Wielder of the Right Wing squads Heavy Flamer, Battle sister Arabella was once a vivid and inspiring combatant in the march against Xenos, Heretics, and Mutants. Once nicknamed Firefly by her fellow sisters, the name has lost usage in recent years however. During the cleansing purge of an ork conquered world, Arabella valiantly brought her flamer to bear against a Deff Dread, Incinerating the occupant. But the orkish tech heresy managed to get it’s claws around her skull, piercing her helmet and biting through her skull. It stopped functioning only after just cutting faintly into her brain matter. She was recovered after nearly half an hour of having the Ork klaw pinched round her head.

Although the Biologis managed to save her life and repaired her skull quite miraculously, the emotional centers in her brain are shot, disabling her from expressing any emotion in her face or mood. She speaks in a monotone pattern and has needed special exemption from being punished for being unable to sing the battle hymns proper scales with her fellow sisters. Arabella does demonstrate her faith in combat, matching without fear upon enemy lines. Captured heretics have been heard swearing that the only thing more terrifying than a Sister of Battle screaming in holy fury down on them, is Arabella burning heretics just as dispassionately as the fire her weapon breathes.

Day 10: The Party Spider

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JFKDay10_13The Party Spider has 8 legs and BABY!… THEY GOTTA DANCE!