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#23 Roadside doll

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Day 24: Power Possum

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Day 18 – Panda Warbot

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day 18 - Panda Warbot FINAL.

On a far-flung planetoid in the distant future, a warrior panda is fused with a robotic entity to go kick some ***.

#24 – Mr. Fletching

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24 - Mr Fletching

A professional janitor and amateur physics enthusiast, Mr. Fletching spends all of his spare time fiddling with radios and electrical equipment. He’s a massive scatterbrain, with a head full of random bits of math and physics that he only half understands. Most of the equipment that fills his small apartment in the city is junk recovered from dumpster dives, or purchased from thrift stores, but he believes firmly that he’s discovered scientific proof for everything from telekinesis to Atlantean power stone technology. Of course, thanks to his free form take on the scientific method, none of this is really repeatable, let alone verifiable. He’s become rather more eccentric since the flood, since the increased incidence of paranormal phenomena gives Mr. Fletching what he really wants; a reason not to be a janitor anymore.

Day 18 – TARGET

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No #21 Ruben Kaae

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No #21


No #21 Ruben Kaae

The Bear Couple

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Day22-The Bear Couple-01

#22, #23 & #24 – Alana Belle, Shadow and Meeko

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day 22

Day 24 – Prince Rancor

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Prince Rancor is the son of the King of the Land and a spoiled brat as well.  His father has tried to train him in the laws of the land but Rancor would rather boss the staff and practice sword fighting.  He has no magic ability or aspirations to use magic and so isn’t as dangerous as he could be, but he is still a pain to all who know him.


lezard boy

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Djord Tovos

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Character 24 Djord Tovos

No #17 Frank Raabirck

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Day 24: “Bear man”

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Day 24: Myzter Myztik

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MyztikA warrior with an unknown past who battles in the Killosseum with mystical powers.

#23 – Sid Browne

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23 - Sid Browne

When mass reports of ghosts started coming in after the flood, the city was subject to a deluge of self-proclaimed psychics. Some were simply convinced they had a gift, while others had more sinister intentions.

There’s a certain kind of person that sees a tragedy and thinks, “What can I get out of this?” Sid Browne is exactly that kind of person. He feels the world owes him something, and whatever material gain he can get out of the people around him is entirely justified, because he’s smarter than they are. So he has no compunction about telling people about all of the (fictional) cases he’s helped the police on, or the (non-existent) messages the families of the dead are sending them from their eternal resting place.

#22 Lady Beryl

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Day 22 – Lady Beryl

Trapeze artist in one of the most popular circuses in Europe, Beryl is a master of swinging, hanging, tumbling, and otherwise sailing through the air on nothing but the horizontal bar. But she wasn’t always the best. When she was first learning the trade, she developed a fear of heights after being distracted by the sudden lights, shines, and sparkles from the audience’s cameras, jewelery, or glasses, and fell. Although she landed in the net safely she couldn’t handle herself on the bar again, so she asked the fortune teller if she could help.

The old woman saw an opportunity she couldn’t pass up, and instead of simply getting Beryl over her fear, implanted a suggestion into her mind to become transfixed by things that sparkled or shined, like gemstones. Beryl now has a subconscious compulsion to collect things that will glitter brilliantly as she swings above them, as they give her confidence to dance in the sky, hoping to one day dance in the sky above a glittering field of gems and give the best performance of her life. She doesn’t ever recall stealing the precious stones, as the fortune teller collects the items from her and uses their shine to further hypnotize her, keeping her focused on getting more by fooling her into thinking that every job is the second to last one she needs.


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street angel

2013 Challenge: Day 24:- Straygun

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An alien gunslinger with a funny name, par for the course with me.

#23 – Aylxa

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There comes a special time in every young Chalkri’s life… when her plarphanids finally begin to develop, ushering in the next stage of her life…

#22 – A Goddess named Revlis

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Thousands of years ago, many gods gathered together to discuss various things that they had to.  One of them, Revlis (Silver backwards), got a little too lazy and then when the other gods noticed, they decided to banish her to a far away island on Earth.


She was then discovered in the 21st Century by a group of curious adventurers.  Upon freeing her from her curse, she mistook them for the gods that banished her and accidentally killed them in a blind rage.


She has no memory of her past, she only remembers her powers and that she’s a goddess from an ancient civilization.  It is unknown whether or not the other gods were justified in banishing her, or if they were just being complete jerks and were too concerned with their meetings.


In her time, she was supposed to be watching over would-be inventors and innovators, and she has the ability to summon any item or weapon that exists in whatever timeline she inhabits.  Being the 21st Century, this means she can summon any firearm or sword and use it whenever she wants.  There are limits to her powers, however.  If she uses them too much, she will lose consciousness and will have to wait up to two or three days to use them again.

#12- Paige Wingfield

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12- PaigeWingfield#12

#22 – Henry, the Pompadour Seal

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Henry the Pompadour Seal

Henry has a pompadour.  Why?  Cuz it’s classy!