#2: Auto-Tune

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The secret alter-ego of the villanous Auto-Tune is none other than the saccharine sweet teen celebrity Polly Popp!

The starring role on a long-time children’s television show wasn’t enough for Polly, nor were her teen fashion, make-up, or perfume lines. No, what Polly Popp REALLY wanted to do was be on the radio.

The only problem…she couldn’t carry a tune if it had straps!

After exhausting all possible options, her manager hooked Polly up with a revolutionary new prototype…a sentient auto-tuning device that could turn ANYONE into an amazing singer. Unfortunately, once the device bonded with Polly, it didn’t want to let go.

Now, Auto-Tune is in control…armed with 30,000 watt audio-cannons pumping out vicious, over-produced pop riffs, no one is safe from noise pollution.


Creator’s Note: Auto-Tune was created to be the natural nemesis of Boombox, created by Matt Zolman in a past #30characters challenge.  Sooner or later, she’ll show up in the pages of EPIC! 

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