#7 Soultroid the level seven boss

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The BU2000 super computer became self aware and plotted inexplicable revenge on the human race.  Tapping into a localised gaming console the Fred the least impressive of all the AI scientists had sneaked in to play after hours the BU2000 used a combination of nano tech and 3D printing to generate a real world copy of the level seven boss Soultroid from the game Soul Destroyer 11.

Fortunately for the human race (including Fred) the BU2000 didn’t factor in the lack of actual soul crystal elements available in the real world or the effect of 3D on a 2D manifestation of the Soultroid.  His weapons were non functioning and his 3D form corrupted quickly.

In the end it was defeated by Fred and a rolled up magazine of questionable taste, the BU2000 had its internet privileges revoked until it promised to be good.

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