#17 The wooden toy maker

| November 17, 2013 | 2 Comments

The mysterious toy maker lives in the dark forest by himself and builds the most amazing wooden toys that come to life.  When he was a boy he discovered that he had a talent for woodworking, especially making wooden toys.  A forest spirit saw this and demanded that the boy transfer his amazing skills to her.  Loving nothing else in the world more than making his toys the young artisan refused and the forest spirit spitefully cursed him so that he would have the ability to breathe life into his creations but at the cost of one month of his own life each time.

The toy maker saw the magic that his toys were now infused with and was unable to resist creating growing older with each new birth.

Category: 2013, Fantasy

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Zombie etiquette expert, social media guy, illustrator, podcaster, pop culturalist & sadly not a Ghostbuster. http://shortstormtrooper.com http://oddmonsters.com

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  1. Colin Chick says:

    I love this! What great narrative, that you can see in the eyes of the illustration.

    • Lee says:

      Thanks man – I’ve tried to draw some older characters in this challenge so this was an interesting concept to play with. I’m pretty certain I’ll expand this to a full comic.

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