#9 & #10 Klimple & Wif: Waste Disposal Associates

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#9 & #10 Klimple & Wif: Waste Disposal Associates There are certain things that you don’t really ever want to keep around. Hazardous byproducts, ancient relics, One Direction paraphenalia, etc. That’s where guys like Klimple & Wif come in. It’s their job to take unwanted materials from one dimension & safely deposit them in another, effectively eliminating whatever that item was from that original dimension’s plain of existence. You got a problem with that? You gotta take it to their bosses, Klimple & Wif are just “associates.” Aside from booming business, both Klimple & Wif’s lives have been on a bit of an upswing. Klimple just won a landmark legal action that grants him permission to wear his father’s carved skull as battlemask in the workplace, as is his cultural tradition, while Wif has finally found a proper course of treatment that stops his bioluminescent acne. — Had the idea of interdimensional trashmen & it got weirder & weirder from there. Probably in the same story universe as the first & last character I did last year. Chances are I’m definitely not hitting 30 tomorrow but let me get out the last couple of guys I was working on anyhow (I’ll have another one after this). Like I said, something came up & I had to prioritize this month. And I feel lame but it is what it is. And I’m still looking to reach my goal of 52 characters for the whole year. Those will eventually be posted on my tumblr (along with a color version of this), & then eventually my blog at some point, so keep checking back.

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