#30 – Gold Coin

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Gold Coin is the twin sister of Revlis, and another god exiled from the realm of the gods.  After hearing of her sister being banished to earth, she couldn’t really stand for such a severe punishment towards one another, so she chose to exile herself to earth and seal herself in a distant cavern.


Then in the 21st Century, she woke up and wandered the cavern to see if anything has changed.  Searching for her sister, Revlis, Gold decides to head to the land closest to the caves she trapped herself in.


In her time, she had the task of observing people as they grew older.  She could change her “age” at any given time to blend in within various groups to avoid detection should anyone be chasing after her.  She prefers to take the form of a young teenage girl, as it is smaller, and she can move faster in that form.


Unlike her sister, Gold prefers diplomacy to solve her problems.

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