Trey Jackson: 30 Characters, All In Together Now

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Did it! Here are all 30 Characters in one place. This challenge was kinda big for me, it was at exactly the right point to work on things I’ve struggled with in the past. I made something every day, and I shared it with the public, and the result was always satisfying, even when things didn’t come out like I wanted. I also learned a lot about how I work, what methods work better than others, and what aspects I need to build on. There was definitely a sense of “OK, I’m not trippin, I can really do this kind of stuff.” Positivity to build on for future endeavors, no doubt.

I had a couple parameters I tried to hold to: I had to finish something in color, and I had to write enough to give the character a premise, so that when I went back, there’d be enough to start plotting a story from. I couldn’t use characters from any old ideas, almost all of them came from a text file full of names that I hadn’t used. I think a couple of them had a one-line description (Days 5 and 6), but that was it. One character (Day 1) was a name from a random generator and another was a suggestion from my wife (Cutey Scorpio). But the stories and designs were all built from scratch over the month, mostly day by day. And I managed to do it. Very encouraging! The support from other creators on this site was great as well. Looking forward to next year.

Now, to get crackin’ on some stories…

tomorrow detectiveblazing arrowmr spkrimmoletteezekiel

the wheellord sapiensmart brothersdavid wise IS the hard manretaliation suit

(the infinite) tess himmelthe hoodie mobdoppelgängstercutey scorpiothe altercationist

barefoot bastardgunsmoke jonesescher catboss gravityisrafel & lucasta

king sexytimehugo's house of havocwitch-onefamous rayletitia lock

general ghostscissor sistersmoses fivemehmet and emmettdon dada, the dream merchant


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