#1 Tomorrow Detective

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Tomorrow Detective

Tomorrow Detective

“You can’t go back and you can’t catch up. Happy endings are always bittersweet.” – Alfred Bester, Time Is The Traitor

Emira Last is the only surviving Tomorrow Detective. She isolates atemporal outbreaks and irregular patterns that threaten the future. But time is slippery, and everyone’s not cut out for that work. Even the best are vulnerable to a peculiar kind of exhaustion, a world-weariness that comes from seeing the false starts and cyclical ebb and flow of history.

Both a culture and a race, the Tomorrow Detectives were created in the 80th century and bioengineered to withstand the impossibilities of time travel — essentially being lifted up out of our four dimensions, moved around, and plopped back down. Their bodies are not only superhumanly tough but naturally produce an impressive pharmacopeia of chemicals to help them transcend temporal consciousness.

However, the Tomorrow Detectives have been decimated by the immortal Lord Sapien, who has turned the future into a howling maw of darkness. In honor of her colleagues, Emira took the name “Last”, and uses Tomorrow Detective tech to move in and out of time, where she can make the decisions that will remove Lord Sapien from existence. Her mission is slightly complicated by the fact that Lord Sapien is in love with her, and has offered her immortality. She has of course refused, due to the fact that he committed genocide against her people. As she encounters him repeatedly throughout history, she is always refusing.

She is based in a ruined cathedral orbiting outside time, called Valida. The time travel tech, located in the claws on her hands, her earrings, and boots, uses as-yet unkown quantum technology, to create a “Tessier Object” that surrounds the wearer and relocates them in time.

Tomorrow Detective’s personal powers are twofold: to make Decisions, and to make Friends. She can make decisions of incredible complexity, which allow her to accurately reshape the past into a properly distributed future. And she can make Friends – despite herself – because she thinks everyone could be happy with a little help. This keeps her alive, but also gets her into strange entanglements.

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(notes: name originated from dBed’s random character generator.)






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