#22 Hugo’s House of Havoc

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Hugo's House of Havoc

Hugo’s House of Havoc

When you go to the crossroads at midnight, and meet the Devil, he will challenge you to a contest, and if you beat him at, say, fiddling, or blues guitar, then you get some item or skill of power. Hugo beat the devil at Super Smash Bros. on N64, and asked for a magic house so he’d never have to pay rent again. But the Devil noticed something about Hugo’s soul: Hugo is so focused on games and the internet, and so uncaring about and unaffected by everything else, that his soul is 20+ years old and still in virtually mint condition. It’s never been used.

So the Devil keeps challenging Hugo to games, and Hugo keeps beating him, and keeps getting stuff that he doesn’t know how to use properly.  It’s filling up his magic house, which his friends Lydia and Jay have taken to calling Hugo’s House of Havoc. Lydia is trying to get Hugo to experience more and do more in the world, so that his soul won’t be worth as much to the Devil. Jay is mostly trying to get stuff and influence Hugo in terms of what to ask for.

A partial list of things Hugo has asked for so far: A magically wireless flat screen tv (but since it’s magic, it has weird compatibility issues), A robot butler named O.G. Kushington. Monkey Servants. A Flying Bentley. Those self-lacing kicks from Back to the Future. Capri-Sun that makes you float, like that juice in Willy Wonka. A giant Cloud Strife Sword that only Hugo can lift.

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