#23 – Egon Schiele – Necromancer

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I’ve purposefully tried to avoid doing too many artists during this challenge, just because I didn’t want to turn this into Art History Classes, but Egon Schiele fit the Necromancer mold so well that I just couldn’t help myself. Mr. Schiele was one of the earliest Expressionists, and his work straddles the line between erotic and grotesque, with a definite theme of death. Mr. Schiele’s life was full of unpleasant things — war, and the early death of his father from syphilis, amongst other things — and it obviously had a very strong impact on his work.

A bit more common as enemies than as player classes, the Necromancer is the class of choice for the morbid manipulation of the dead. Console RPGs tend to also have Necromancers using powerful enemy debuffs and control magic. Given the quality of motion and lifelike appearance or Egon Schiele’s work, I find it entirely possible that he would have animated the dead if he’d had the ability to.

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