#23 – Katelyn Anderson/ColdFusion.

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The young Katelyn Anderson or as she is now better known under her superhero moniker ColdFusion was the greatest hope mankind had ever had for a bright future.

During an experiment into low-energy nuclear reactions Katelyn was exposed to microscopic particles when an accident had her trapped in the sealed chamber during testing. The resulting exposure warped her DNA.

Hospitalist for months in a coma doctors told her family and friends to be prepared for the worst. Every test they had done had come back with readings never seen before. Even the leading experts seemed perplexed by the young girls comatosed condition. By all accounts the accident should have killed her, somehow she come out without a scratch on her, just unresponsive to the world.

After nearly a year she woke up. She seemed to be perfectly fine, she remembered the accident clearly and was shaken by the thought of missing a year of her life but friends and family where so pleased to have her back that things soon returned to normal.

A week after returning home Katelyn started to notice the changes. Going to turn the kettle up and it would boil at her touch; she hadn’t filled her car up since returning home, the fuel gauge hadn’t moved at all. After confiding in one of the doctors from her lab she agreed to let him test her.

The results changed the scientific world forever. It appeared as if the very body heat Katelyn created was actually producing a low-energy nuclear reaction. She had become cold fusion itself.

She was on the cover of every newspaper the world over. Within the week everyone know her name. She was being taken all over the world to meet presidents, kings and queens. By the end of the year the United Nations had funded a project to set about using this miraculous gift to help the world.

It turned out the more she used her powers the greater the energy output became, before the end of her first year from waking up she was out putting three quarters of the entire worlds energy.

A horrific fact become clear during a routine test with the doctor who had originally made the discoverer. The cold fusion process was slowly killing Katelyn.

Would the world let one young girl die for their energy desires? Katelyn was scared to find out.

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  1. TiphArt says:

    I like how you are handling this challenge! Drawing is not for everybody, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be creative whilst painting pictures in the minds of readers with words. Awesome work.

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