#1 Sugar Baby

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Sugar Baby is the crime fighting pseudonym of Gloria Winter, the fantastically lovely and hot tempered Latino trophy wife of the billionaire Mitch Winter. When a group of hackers cause a ruckus at Mitch’s company and cause him to miss Gloria’s massive yearly holiday party, she goes hunting for revenge. She dons a platinum blonde wig, diva shades and the hideous gold lamé jumpsuit that her husband gave her last Christmas (he may have her heart, but he certainly doesn’t have her fashion sense). This effectively hides her identity because, really, who would ever imagine someone with her impeccable taste wearing such a travesty of an outfit. She accessorizes with as oversized designer bag filled to the brim with everything you could ever need to fight crime or possibly give an unfortunate fashion disaster a much needed make over and it can double as a weapon in case some baddie need a designer bludgeoning (good thing she started those weight training classes at the gym). Finished off with her titanium heeled stilettos, her outfit is just to die for. A little touch of a too-bright red lipstick and Gloria is transformed into Sugar Baby, who fights white-collar crime with a red-hot passion.

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