#4 – Stefon Hunt

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Stefon is loud, tattooed, brash, and will make very clear that he’s not here to be whatever you think a superhero is supposed to be. The notion is largely braggadocio, but he can back it up with his abilities. Stefon is damn good at this, he knows it, and he knows you know it, whether or not you want to admit it.

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Stefon has kept himself at arms length from many heroes by being equally concerned with being respected and known on the streets of his home as he is in the rarefied air of superheroes. He carries himself with a defiance of traditional authority. He has repeatedly stated that he is uninterested in being anyone’s hero. To him, being a superhero is a business, and he’s interested in being the best in his industry. He doesn’t want to be the “marketable” person like other heroes. He doesn’t care if people like him, but he will make them respect him. He’s going to do it his way, his style, when he wants to, looking the way he wants to look, acting the way he wants to act, and if you don’t like it, you can get lost.

For all his macho posturing and “keep it to the streets” attitude Stefon is not a bad person. He sees a great deal more grey-scale in life than many do. He utterly distrusts law enforcement and their motives, along with much of the superhero community. He has done many charitable works for at-risk children in communities across the city, from using his personal fortune to fund literacy classes to ensuring many schools can fund extra-curricular activities for students from sports to music and the arts. Due to his intelligent manipulation of his image, Stefon has a dedicated fanbase, including a coterie of friends he can call on to visit violence on people at appropriate times and places.

Stefon is often controversial, from his repeated criticism U.S. drug policy and refusal to prosecute what he calls “a war of racial aggression” to pointed critiques of various heroes on his well-trafficked blog. He has opinions, many of them political, not all of them wholly well-informed, but he’s still going to let you know about them.

Stefon’s abilties manifested in High School, and he immediately dropped out to pursue his new “career”. He is gifted with a deep kinship with birds. He is capable of sprouting wings, although he is a much more adept glider than a flyer (he can only sustain a short burst of flying energy). He can also turn his hands into talons and has a “familiar” of sorts, a Raven he calls “Boogie” who is his eyes and ears around the city.

Stefon is as often at odds with the superhero community as he is part of it, and he prefers it that way. He feels like getting to chummy with other heroes would rob him of his edge, take away from that which makes him to marketable to some. Stefon has been accused of “selling out” by some, he has several sponsorships to his name, including his own line of energy drink and is working on creating a line of fashion in his image.

An absolute asshole to those just meeting him, but Stefon values loyalty above all else in those he knows, and those that are loyal to him, he will go to the ends of the earth for. Anyone who crosses him, he will commit to deeply, painfully hurting, legally or illegally.

Stefon seems a slight figure, standing just under six feet tall, but his lithe frame is quick and agile. He is instantly recognizable from the shock of shoulder length dreadlocks he sports, which he adorns with charms and trinkets. He delights in letting opponents believe they have the upper hand in fights before turning the tables on them in a moment.

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