#4 Mac (Steel Jaw) Rondal

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After many failed fights in the ring, Mac is admitted into the hospital from his most recent disastrous fight that shattered his jaw completely. The doctors said that he would never be able to eat, speak or smile; but a mysterious scientist from a distant land offered to reconstruct his Jaw for a percentage of his winnings in the ring. Now Mac is more determined to win to make a name for him self, but he will soon find out that he got more that he bargained for.

Mac is  courageous and lately intimidating because of his new found stamina and strength.
Mac used to be more caring, but now with the muscles going to his head, Mac thinks he can beat anybody,
even his weaker alter ego that he though left at the ring that tragic day.

Mac Loves Bow Ties, Ladies, attention, good Pizza, and the occasional street brawl. used to make
wooden figurines but all his time has been focused into training.

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