#4 Ou Na-Ting

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Ou Na-Ting of the Grand Upperclass

Ou Na-Ting rendered in graphite

The wife of the reigning Ao Lai emperor, Ou Na-Ting. As her status, dictates, she has the power to suggest and pass royal decrees across the land. Being the mother of Ao Lai’s next rulers and being of royal blood, many of the land’s laws don’t affect her. Her presence means a great deal, though not as much as the emperor’s, and misconduct with her is severely punished. Most notable, however, is her power to influence the emperor.

Ou Na-Ting herself is a peaceful and soft woman. “Her words are whispers but leave impressions greater than the most talented poets of the land,” the emperor says. She is said to be the sweetest willow in Ao Lai; none that meet her can can criticize her gentle kindness. Some have said, though, that the infamous Ou Ju got his incredible forwardness from his mother.

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