#5 Bucket-Boy

| November 5, 2012 | 0 Comments

Bucket-Boy! Has all the power of a … well … um … a bucket? Yeah this kid has issues, he seems to think that all it takes to fight crime is a nice wooden bucket for a helmet and a flowing red cape on his back attached to his coat. Some kids don’t get hugged enough when they are younger ….. well some kids … they may have been hugged too much. Let’s just hope this kiddo doesn’t go try stopping a bullet anytime soon, last time I check wood doesn’t stop bullets very well. Good luck Bucket-Boy, you’ll need it.

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Current art student at Arts Institute of Pittsburgh I am very much the amateur artist who is constantly learning and growing. I took this challenge to prove to my self that I have the creativity to come up with different unique ideas every day for a month. I have always loved doing art, from small doodles to the full one drawings i do now. Not sure what else to say can't wait to get started and have some epic entries to provide. Full honest feedback is welcome, critiques, and pointers are also welcome. Thank you.

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