#5 – Da’Loach

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This is Da’Loach, a human wizard played by my buddy Wyatt.

The brains of the party, he specializes in ~iCy~ magics. For a good portion of our early sessions, Da’loach would go unscathed in combat from firing off shots from behind the frontlines.

Nowadays, I go out of my way to try and kill him. More jokingly than out of malice. Or prolly a bit of both.

The party is extra cautious and wary of pincer attacks and place Da’Loach in the middle of the marching order, more often than not.

Wyatt personally requested Da’Loach be rocking a “russian hat” and have his glasses on hand. He only wears them when he needs to read. (Just like in real life, hahaha.)

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