#6 Apothecary Elirro

| November 6, 2012 | 2 Comments

Damn wizards.  Always getting themselves encased in ice or reduced to ectoplasm or possessed by extradimensional horrors.  After thirty years working at the Arcanists’ Academy, Rumelia Elirro has seen everything.  Curiously, the students are admitted to her ward far less often than the professors.  If there’s one thing Elirro has learned from all this, it’s that age and experience makes magic users cocky.  They’re lucky she’s there to save them from their own stupidity.  She probably would have quit years ago out of frustration, if not for the fact that she’s making more money than she ever thought possible.  Wizards will pay dearly for someone to bail them out when the bat guano hits the vortex orb.

This is my favorite one yet.  I wish I could have spent more time on it; it’s still pretty far from finished.

Category: 2012, Fantasy

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Student, wage slave, and aspiring comic book artist. My main influences are offbeat fantasy and the less-explored parts of history.

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  1. Excellent pic. I love the pose!

    • Explodian says:

      Hey, thanks! I’ve been working on getting better at conveying personality through poses lately, so hopefully her grumpy determination shows through here.

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