#10 – Summer Shardtooth

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This is Summer, a razorclaw shifter (half lycan, half person) druid played by my buddy Melissa.

Here’s what I had to work with: She’s a fairly stocky girl due to her diet and feral aspect. Dark eyes with bright pupils (orangy-yellow). Straight white bangs. Dark back hair styled in dread locks or braids. Keeps various trinkets like feathers, pins and beads in her hair.Left shoulder always has her clan’s quilt. She will always put it over pauldrons. Wears various trinkets and accessories like tooths, beads, tusks, feathers, etc.

Summer is the shapeshifty type druid and her feral form turns her into an even stockier werecat/bear. The tattered clothes are for sure appropriate.

you guys should hear my generic lion impression that i bust out

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