Anne-Marie Leuciscus

| November 10, 2012 | 0 Comments

For the first twenty-odd years of her life Anne-Marie was a law-abiding if antagonistic member of society. Then one day she lost her legs and eye in a car crash. Not interested in spending the rest of her life in a nice, cheap, functional wheelchair, she decided the obvious solution was to steal her sister’s legs, which she did, in a caper law enforcement still doesn’t fully comprehend. Afterwards she read Mike Mignola’s The Amazing Screw-On Head and decided modularity was the way to go,¬†and thus began a spree of anatomical larceny to ensure Anne-Marie was prepared for any situation, ever. She’s now convinced that with the right¬†combination of parts she can take over the world single-handed.

Category: 2012, Scifi

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Hey, I'm Trevor, an unemployed animator. Let's see what I spit out this year.

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