#11 – Antonius Stark

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This is Antonius Stark, a warforged (robot people from Eberron) artificer played by my buddy Kris.

Here’s what I had to work with: Like all other warforged, mechanical and golem-like in appearance. Unlike other warforged, Stark wears everyday garments like a cloth tunic, pants, and a hooded cloak. To conceal his appearance, Stark often pulls the hood over his head and partially over his face. He wears a utility belt that contains various small potions, artifacts, and gadgets, and keeps a large satchel to carry other similar, and larger items.

I forgot the utility belt (cruuucial) and he ended up with more a rogueish look instead of a true artificer. Then again, artificers do gain some rogue-like abilities back in 3.5.

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