#11 Armer

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Real name: Christina De La Cruz Fabian


Weight:105 lbs. Race:Latin-American

Location: Inwood, NYC

Since today is Veteran’s Day, I might has well create a character for this occasion.

Lisa served in the war in Iraq and has been a military brat most of her life before settling in the Inwood(Upper Manhattan)area. The US government has enlisted her to serve again, this time by wearing a specially designed suit of armor filled with the latest in US military technology. Armer stands for Armored Readied Motivating Every Regiment. She’s a powerful force in eliminating any force standing in it’s way.

Powers: Super-Strength, endurance. Hidden compartments including missiles and explosives in various places throughout the suit.

Personality: Proud of her country but not conceded. Not afraid of a challenge in front of her.

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