#12 Lauren Brule

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When the imperial army was knocking down the gates of the secluded valley, it was clear that the peaceful inhabitants of the valley would not be able to defeat the invaders. The queen issued the order to escape to the confines of the tombs of the holy mountain (basically, in their belief system, if they aren’t buried under the holy mountain their spirit is doomed to never find rest). The queen would remain to mislead the army into thinking that the people had simply fled and destroy all evidence that they used the holy mountain to keep it safe from those that would disturb their eternal slumber. Lauren, the queen’s handmaiden decided to make the ultimate sacrifice and take the queen’s place, so the queen herself could go and be at rest in the holy mountain. Lauren does what she must to destroy the holy records and is captured when the army reaches the palace. The army is happy enough to loot the laden palace and leave with the captured “queen” who is to become part of the prince’s ever growing harem, thus assuring rest for the souls of Lauren’s people.

Category: 2012, Fantasy

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