#13 – Arkvoodle

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This is Arkvoodle, a shardmind psion played by my buddy Brian.

For his description, I had this to work with: The Runes and elemental mist like this picture [of Runeborn Xerath] runes and element from the top picture attaches him together and this is his body build [picture of Marbled Malphite].

Factoring his size/strength and that he’s a shardmind, I had to splice those league dudes together with a few liberties of my own to crank out a legit proportioned Arkvoodle. In regards to his gotsumon-esque face, just based on how Arkvoodle has been during our tabletop sessions, I felt [during drawing this earlier] that’s how I pictured his shard-based(?) face to look.

Kinda goofy.

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